4 Facebook Ad Strategies That Work Like A Hack

I introduce you 3 Facebook ad strategies For small business owners running Facebook ads for their business or digital marketers looking for new strategies to try and test.

This article is here to highlight some real classics of Advertising strategies that are just as hit on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads or any other form of social media or display advertisement.

Always have a plan

Creating ads based on well thought strategies help you to streamline your mental efforts and keep you from thinking all over the place when coming up with ad creatives, ad copy, CTAs and the sort.

Another advantage of following a strategy instead of taking action on a gut feeling is that you not only anticipate the results, but also the feelings induced in your target audience which will nudge them towards the desired action. Knowing exactly what feelings you induced in a prospect allow you to tailor the rest of the experience accordingly.

For example, if your ad is comparing (which is one of the strategies discussed below) your product/service to a competitor’s but your landing page experience is calm and soft in terms of tone and theme, the feeling that led to the ad click is lost.

 This can be prevented by careful planning and strategizing your whole campaign, not only the ad itself. That’s where these strategies come in handy, so neither you nor your prospects feel lost at any point in the campaign.


When I mentioned that these strategies were classic, I meant it. That is because these are not only Facebook ad strategies. These strategies have been used for decades now and for good reason. The reason, they’re proven strategies in terms of produced results and psychological findings.

  1. Comparison
  2. Suspense
  3. Social Proof
  4. Case Study

Facebook Ad strategy #1:

Comparing pineapples to depict how a comparison ad strategy works
Our Pineapple is the better pineapple because the other pineapple sucks

Comparison marketing.
Comparison marketing is a great tactic to convey your unique selling points as well as value as compared to other options available in the market. This strategy has been used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, from multi-billion-dollar companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Samsung and more to local businesses such as a local fast food restaurant in my area taunting their next door neighbors because of the one time someone found a bug in their patty (Yikes).

The reason is that comparison is something that is intrinsic to us humans to evaluate the value of something. And if someone’s doing that for us in a legit way, it makes the buying process that much easier for us.

The things you need to focus on are:

  • Don’t lie about your competitor
    That’s a perfect recipe for disaster if your competitor is actually know by your prospects. The second they see a hint of exaggeration; you lost all chances of conversion. Even worse is that it becomes free advertising for your competitor
  • Make it easily consumable
    Make it easy to compare. The best way would be to make a side by side comparison list. You can go for smarter ways like a video from coke that shows a boy buying two cans of Pepsi from a vending machine, only to stand on them and reach the button to buy a coke. But remember this, Coke did well with this ad because we all already know everything about them as well as Pepsi so they didn’t need additional information for context.
    Before you get any smart ideas, make sure they’re not too smart for your audience.
  • Bear in mind the legal
    Although there are no explicit laws regulating comparison marketing in Australia, but it is best to consult with a legal advisor to see what is considered crossing the line. For example, showing the logo of a competitor brand in the UK would be considered copyright infringement.

Facebook Ads Strategy #2:

How suspense can be created in a Facebook ad by giving just a glimpse or not even that sometimes.
I wonder what’s in there?

Suspense marketing.

My personal favorite of all the mentioned Facebook ad strategies. Not in terms of result, all these strategies work great if you use them correctly. But being a marketer myself, these are the ads that I enjoy the most as a consumer, if executed properly.

Ads that create the right amount of suspense have the ability to talk the most about their own product/service with the final reveal. These types of ads are perfect if you have a lot to tell your prospects to really hook them to what you’re selling. Creating an ad that arises suspense is not an easy task though.

An attempt to induce suspense can easily be executed poorly to create an ad that gives no information on what it’s about, and the audience not caring either.

When creating an ad to induce suspense before a final reveal, be sure to keep the following points in mind:

  • Have them begging for more
    That might be a little difficult to achieve, but this is what’s achievable when done by the real pros of the game. Make sure that it tells your audience that they’re going to get great benefit from it and it would be so awesome if they found out. But they can’t right now, and they’ll have to wait for a certain time.
    A great way would be to slap on a couple generic testimonials from those that have had the taste pre-launch. This always works.
  • It’s easy to forget what you don’t know
    You didn’t tell your audience anything, what do you expect them to remember?
    There are a couple ways to do this. The goal is to keep showing up. You can keep running ads till the big reveal (do consider ad fatigue for this, it’s when someone sees the same ad too many times and becomes frustrating to look at). Another way is email, if your landing page is collecting emails for the big reveal, which it should be doing most of the time, send them emails with just a little more peak like some more generic testimonials.
  • The kid that keeps asking for my phone to play games, often ends up with my phone
    Don’t be that obnoxious kid, I hate that kid. But keep reminding them with retargeting. Those that were in suspense and saw your big reveal are definitely interested one way or another. More importantly, you’ve held their attention twice. Now you can be more confident and take your time with a video or post going in great detail of what you’re about. And remember, email can get results even months after your campaign has ended. Keep giving them reminders, sometimes subtle, sometimes hardcore.

Facebook ad strategy #3:

This isn’t even an exaggeration

Social Proof.

Hey man, my friend had that type of wart in that place. He burnt it with a lighter and it was gone in a day.

You know how many people burn their behinds like that? All because a person just like them told them to. This strategy is all about taking advantage of that power.

Most of the times, you’ll want to use this strategy for a warmer audience. One that already knows a bit about you. Because once someone know what you’re offering, and whether or not it’s worth their time, effort, or mostly, money, It’s a question of trust. Whether they believe all that you say. And what better way than someone telling their behind is wartless because of you. They tell their genuine experience of a wart and how it used to hurt, in what places, and how it made them insecure in their skin. Your prospect is now seeing himself standing in the wart guy’s place as he opens your website in his phone ready to order. It’s the same for any business warts you remove as a B2B service provider as well.
(I later found out warts don’t usually hurt, but lets say they do for the sake of learning Facebook ad strategies)

  • Is she pretty?
    The first thing we want to know about a person, their face. What do they look like. There’s a whole lot of psychology behind that which we are not getting in to right now.
    Here’s as simple as it can be put:
    When it comes to testimonials this is how your preferences should be structured. But a text testimonial is better than no testimonial, so make with what you have and improve later on.
  • She’s shy and it’s cute
    An honest review will have a natural edge to it that you can neither remove from an original one nor produce in a fake one. It’s one of those things where you go “There’s just something about her”.

A great example is Vanessa Lau’s Instagram account. She doesn’t really do ads, but the way she moves followers towards the lower end of the funnel by integrating her own Case Study and Social Proof of other clients is something that made gurus like Neil Patel acknowledge her skills and even invite her to Growth Accelerator.

Facebook Ad Strategy #4:

Can you build one for me too?

Case Study

This is social proof on steroids.
But it’s not for everyone. Unless your services have generated millions for a specific business, you can achieve pretty much the same results from video testimonials.
In Case Studies you show not only the results, but the whole experience of what it was like working with you. How you did what you did. Who were the team/s behind it. This is ideal for a high ticket B2B service like selling marketing for a big organization or IT services. Business have a lot going on and they have to work with a lot of other businesses as well. Compatibility matters a lot to them.

  • How we met

You know why girls love this story? Because when their girlfriend tells them they met at a coffee shop, they start drinking coffee at the coffee shop instead of ordering a cup to-go in hopes of finding their prince charming there.

Business are just like that. If you tell a business how a business found you, what you did for them, and how you did it. They’re going to be weak in the knees for you.


These Facebook ad strategies are being used by accounts that have spent millions in ad spend each year. At the same time, these strategies have worked to grow local businesses that had yearly revenues less than $200k to $500-$600k. You just need to be a little smart, a little witty, and a little strategic when making the creatives and writing the copy.

And for those of you who have read till the end, as a reward we can set up a free strategy session where I will help you determine which of these Facebook ad strategies I think are best for your business and how you can implement them. Fill the Contact form and I’ll be in touch with you soon.

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