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Best Shipping Apps for Shopify in 2021

best shipping apps for shopify

What is is leading cause of failure in eCommerce stores?

Is it a slow website?

No, people tend to get very patient once they’ve made their mind up on a specific product, they don’t care if they have to wait for a minute or two for the landing page to load.

Is it the visual appeal of the store? It does matter to some extent, however once you’ve decided to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes you’ve seen on Facebook ads, it is very less likely that you’ll pass just because you don’t like the colour scheme of the website, or the BUY NOW button is too small.

Then what is it?


Shipping is the #1 cause of abandoned carts. Either people were expecting free shipping and they didn’t get it or they just don’t want to wait a month for their package to arrive or they want order tracking to be included in the standard shipping. In one form or the other shipping is the cause of cart abandonment.

Take a look at this data:

  • 63% of the shoppers abandon cart because they find the shipping rates to be too expensive
  • 36% of the shoppers abandon cart if the delivery times are higher than their expectations

The good news is that Shopify App Store has some of the best shipping apps for Shopify.

From shipping labels to order tracking notifications, these apps do most of the shipping related heavy lifting for you. For stores with orders upwards of 100 have found these apps to increase their efficiency substantially.

We have compiled 11 apps which we think are the best shipping apps for Shopify. They are in no specific order of preference.

For each of these apps, we have looked at:

  • Unique Features.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Pricing.

Top 5 Shipping Apps for Shopify

Following are some of the highly known shipping apps that you might need to know.

1. Shippo

Shippo is a shipping platform and that enables you to compare rates from a number of global carriers, 58 to be precise. It’s interface is user friendly making it easy-to-use even for new merchants that are getting started and are getting plenty of orders.

Key Features

Exclusive shipping rates from some of the best global carriers including OnTrac, Newgistics, Deutsche Post, Canada Post, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL. You can also compare these rates in real-time. This is one of the strongest points of SHIPPO.

Generating and printing labels is another amazing feature of SHIPPO. Even though other shipping apps also provide SHIPPO makes it easier by allowing you to pre-fill and save package information to streamline your process of printing labels.

Branding is an added bonus. SHIPPO allows you to add your logo and colors to shipping labels, customer notifications and tracking pages.

Customer Reviews.

SHIPPO not only provides amazing features, but it also provides an amazing 24/7 customer support with live chat. This paired with its glitch-free interface has earned it a nice 4-STAR rating based on 482 reviews. One user says:

“I used a bunch of other shipping apps before SHIPPO, and I was pretty much done with them. SHIPPO was supposed to be the last one to try but boy has it stuck with me. Absolutely love it.”


For the features it provides SHIPPO is priced fairly decent. It’s free to install, has not secret or recurring charges. You just have to pay $0.05 for every label. However, you can upgrade a $10 monthly subscription that provides you with some additional features such as custom notifications, but we think the standard free package is the enough.

It’s an overall amazing app but some people have reported one issue i.e, compatibility with other Shopify apps. However, you can easily overcome this by doing a quick mix and match to see which apps are clashing.

2. AfterShip

AfterShip is another amazing shipping app for Shopify. With tracking options compatible with over 600 global carriers, AfterShip is definitely an app you should consider. You can easily check the status of your packages from different carriers. Also, you can set it to send automated emails at specific stages of shipment.

Key Features

Shipment tacking from over 600 global carriers allows you to easily choose your carrier which is especially helpful for the dropshippers out there.

  • Branding again is chucked in for free by AfterShip just like Shippo. However, building branded tracking pages is easier with AfterShip than it’s competitors due to its user friendly interface.
  • Automated notifications at specific stages of shipment allow your customers to be updated at every stage. You can customize these notifications to give a branded feel. It also provides you with the notifications sent so that you can keep track of them.
  • Analytics is a strong point of AFTERSHIP. From courier performance to shipping rates, you name it and AFTERSHIP’s dashboard has it. This provides you with enough information to make any necessary changes to improve your customer experience.

Customer Reviews

Aftership’s 24/7 support with live chat has enabled it to fix any issue right as it arises. The customers love it and respond by giving as many 5-Stars as they can. This has earned this a rating of 4.5 stars based on 3671 reviews.


Due to it’s economical pricing, AfterShip is an amazing option for beginners. It has a free plan that covers up to 50 orders. Paid plans start from $9/month up to $99/month with 100 and 2000 order limits respectively.

It’s definitely one of the best shipping apps for Shopify. The only problem it has is the exclusive shipping rates as provided by some of its competitors. Those cheaper shipping rates add up to a lot of profit especially for high sales generating stores.

3. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is among the pioneers of cloud-based shipping solutions. Its cloud-based system allows it to automate label printing and order tracking for you. Not only this, it also provides you with some amazing customizable tools for handling orders.

Key Features

Shipping automation gets you free from doing all the heavy lifting in shipping processes, simply set rules for various objectives in shipping and let SHIPPINGEASY take care of everything. It can also organize packing with pick lists and packing slips, and print shipping labels.

Branded tracking is one of the strong points of ShippingEasy as it sends real-time order tracking info to your customer along with the stores you’re sourcing from if you’re a dropshipper or even a retailer. Branded tracking pages aren’t something completely unique to ShippingEasy, infact they might be a little too cluttered for somebody who is used to those clean Shopify apps.

Exclusive shipping rates are definitely something worth mentioning. Even though it provides exclusive shipping rates for UPS and USPS, still it makes a huge difference depending on the sales your store is generating.

Customer Reviews

Internet’s the true democracy and it has chosen SHIPPINGEASY as its president. A 4.7-star rating based on 567 reviews is not too bad to say the least.


Its plans are somewhat strange. The free plan provides up to 50 free orders. Cheapest paid plan is $29/month with only 500 orders which is a little on the expensive side and the premium package is $49/month with 6000 orders. Good news is that all paid plans have a 30-day free trial.

Another strong competitor in the list for the best shipping apps for Shopify however its cluttered interface might lead you to visiting customer support quite often and for some pretty silly stuff. But still nothing a Shopify merchant can’t handle.

4. ShipStation

If you’re selling on multiple channels, ShipStation is the way to go. It is the most seamless app here if in terms of syncing different sales channels. It provides some amazing features such as batch shipping and discounted shipping rates. Another added bonus is its compatibility with Shopify card reader.

Key Features

  • Batch shipping not only makes your work easier on the back end but also increases store conversions and decreases abandoned carts.
  • Criteria based order fulfilment by ShipStation will make it not only your to go app for shipping, but it will also make it your side kick.
  • Shipping automation is another amazingly done feature in this app. It allows you to quickly generate shipping labels. You can also browse shipping rates and send your customers notifications through this app.

Customer Reviews

With over 462 reviews ShipStation has a mere 3.7-Star rating despite all of these amazing features. Why?

One might wonder. Well, it’s a shame that an app amazing as this one they only have customer support during business hours. We all know how cringe it gets when we’re stuck on something silly in the night before getting a sale live or running ads especially when the support is not there. So, there you go, you can imagine for yourself how they managed to get a 3.7-Star rating


ShipStation has an alright pricing structure but there’s a slight issue. There’s no free plan available. However, all of its paid plans have a 30-day free trial, which is somewhat comforting. Plans start from $9/month with 50 orders limit up to a premium plan for $159 with a 10,000-order limit.

An overall amazing app that makes Shopify integration with Ebay a lot easier. But it could’ve been a lot better with a free plan making it easier for new merchants.

5. netParcel

Unlike the other apps mentioned above, netParcel is a little different. Instead of being generic like the others it is more niched down.  It provides amazing discounted and exclusive rates for small parcels and LTL freight services for merchants in the US and Canada. Discounted pricing and multiple delivery options make it stand out from the other apps of its genre.

Key Features

  • Discounted rates from the leading trucking and courier companies in North America make netParcel and nice profit maximizing buddy in your Shopify store.
  • Branding is not something unique to netParcel but it makes is very easy to make branded tracking pages and send out branded notifications to customers and sourcing stores.
  • Label printing is the easiest as it gets information from all the present orders and prepares labels for printing. With the click of a button, you can easily ship labels in bulk saving you a bunch of time and also minimizing the margin for error.

Customer Reviews

Even though netPARCEL has customer support only during business hours just like SHIPSTATION but due to its user friendly interface it has managed to get a very nice 4.8-Star rating based on 188 reviews. The primary reason for this high rating is primarily due to the fact that its interface is easy enough to use so you don’t have to reach out to customer support really often.


The biggest selling point of this app is the fact that it’s not selling anything as it’s completely free and has not recurring fees or any hidden charges.

Even though it has some limitations as compared to the apps above, however, it’s still the first choice of many new merchants as its completely free to use.

Final Words

Well, we’ve given you a slight overview of the apps that we think qualify for Best Shipping App For Shopify. Now you might be thinking, you’ve told us their features, but you haven’t told us which one is the best. So, the answer to this question is, no app out of these can be rated as the best shipping app for shopify. Reason: every app is a perfect fit for a specific scenario.

Some recommendations

  • If you’ve just started and you’re getting a good number of sales then SHIPPO might be the way to go for you.
  • If you’re a dropshipper, amateur or experienced, AfterShip might be the one for you.
  • If you’re a wholesaler then ShipStation is a good option for you as it is very good with inventory management and integrating various sales channels.

We hope you liked the article. If you have any confusions or questions, feel free to ask me.

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