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Best Time for Posting content on Instagram in 2022

Best Timings for Posting Content On Instagram

Developing appealing content that your audience wants to see is crucial to growing your Instagram following. The majority of them, however, will not see your content if it’s not shared at the right time.

So the question is, what would be the most effective time to post on Instagram for your target audience?

The best way to determine an appropriate posting time is to test the timing of your posts to see which time has the highest audience engagement.

A well-established Instagram following is largely driven by engaging content. People are hungry for it. Your audience won’t be able to see your content if it isn’t published at the right time. Several businesses experimented with posting on Instagram at different times in the past.

But Instagram’s algorithm continues to evolve. Instagram isn’t a place where you can upload content randomly and expect people to view it. There will always be a barrier due to the overflowing user feeds and algorithms.

How Can You Figure Out When To Post On Instagram?

With this guide, you’ll discover all your Instagram posting questions, including how to identify the right time to post, which day of the week works best, when to post, and what industry-specific times work best.

Here’s how to get started.

Global Engagement on Instagram

The global pandemic over the past two years ago made it clear that we live in a highly connected digital age. For your social media strategy to be successful, you need to increase audience trust and substantiality.

To stay relevant in social tactics, you must keep your global life in mind.

According to Sprout Social, the chart below illustrates the best time and day of the global week to post on Instagram. There is no separate midnight for each time zone as it is CDT (Central Daylight Time). 12, AM CDT will work well with posts published to Instagram for a global audience.

Source: Sprout Social

When Should You Schedule Your Instagram Posts?

Sprout Social, a tool for managing social media, suggests posting to Instagram during the following times:

Best DaysBest Time
Tuesday11 AM – 2 PM CDT
Weekdays11 AM – 2 PM CDT

During this period of time, engagement is at its peak.

You can, however, change the engagement you receive by posting on Instagram on the best day of the week.

Why is that?

Consider any changes in your daily routine or mood that might be impacting how you behave online. You may scroll through Instagram when bored. Your audience may also behave differently.

We cannot deny that once the day begins, our hands are automatically reaching for our smartphones to catch up on social media updates. During lunchtime, we scroll through social media.

It’s no wonder audiences are engaged in ways that correspond with the way they live their lives.

1. Posting On Instagram At The Best Times Of The Day

Think about the fact that your followers may be on a lunch break and more likely to check Instagram to see what their friends, influencers, and brands are doing. When people are free to share engaging content on Instagram, it is the best time to post for your target audience.

Best DaysBest Time
Monday11 AM – 12 PM CDT
Wednesday11 AM – 12 PM CDT
Friday11 AM – 12 PM CDT

Content sharing peaks during lunch breaks, of course. While sharing long-form content like Instagram TV videos or going live is easier over a longer timeframe, the opportunity for long-form content is broader.

Best DaysBest Time
Tuesday11 AM – 12 PM CDT

Take advantage of Thursday lunch breaks with Instagram stories, quizzes, and polls that increase engagement and encourage quick responses. Your followers will be interested in finding out what the results are later.

Best DaysBest Time
Thursday11 AM CDT

It may not be a good idea to post at the same hour every day on Instagram. For optimum results, combine your industry-specific day with the day of the week.

Try to post between 7 AM and 10:30 AM (CDT) from Monday to Friday if you’re not sure when to post. The highest engagement hours are around 11 AM CDT, so your content will get lots of views, likes, and shares.

2. Posting On Instagram At The Worst Times Of The Day

Companies have different audiences and time zones. So considering the worst time not to post on Instagram is essential to save your content from falling on deaf ears.

Although each business determines the worst posting times for Instagram, certain hours directly correlate with lower engagement.

The worst times for posting on Instagram each day, according to Later’s study of 35M global Instagram posts, are:

Best DaysBest Time
Monday2 PM
Tuesday1 PM
Wednesday10 AM
Thursday11 PM
Friday9 AM
Saturday8 PM
Sunday4 PM

What do we learn from it? It is not advisable to post in the evening.

What’s the reason?

There is some consideration for timeliness in Instagram algorithms, but not as much as in the past. The home feed ranking for a post doesn’t change based on engagement within 30 minutes.

It is a good idea to schedule your posts in advance so you are not under pressure in moments of need. Instead, you should encourage your staff to get up early in order to post the articles early in the day.

If you post early in the day, you can leverage being one of the first scrollers of the day, even if the first scrollers happen a few hours after the post is shared, while facing less competition (globally, most posts are published between 9 AM-1 PM).

You’ll get the best chance to have your content seen by your audience, regardless of when they’re active.

Best Time to Post on Instagram According to Your Industry

The best time for posting on Instagram differs by account, but certain industries have their own ideal posting times. According to your industry, you should adjust when you post on Instagram.

It has been found by Sprout Social that the best times for posting to Instagram are during the late afternoon and early evening hours for industries such as technology, food & beverage, entertainment, education, non-profits, healthcare, and more.

Best Posting Times for Technology Businesses on Instagram

Technology companies vary greatly in their posting times on Instagram, making it difficult to predict posting times. There are, however, some times that are ideal for technology posting:

Best DaysBest Time
Monday10 AM – 11 AM, 2 PM – 5 PM, 8 PM
Friday10 AM – 1 PM

The tech industry struggles on Sundays as people tend to avoid screens or do not check social media platforms during the weekend.

Posting Times for Food and Beverage Businesses

A mouth-watering food or beverage image is more likely to cause people to engage with the content. The time could be anything either day or night but food is something that people always crave for anytime.

In light of this, engagement rates in the food and beverage industries increase during the noontime.

Best DaysBest Time
Monday9 AM-Noon

Posting to Instagram at the best time for retailers

In the retail industry, Instagram posting plays a significant role as outlets often influence people to buy.

To attract your audience to your Instagram posts, here are the best times to post:

Best DaysBest Time
Wednesday3 PM
Friday11 AM – 12 PM

On Sundays, retailers are at their worst as customers are already ready to make on-foot purchases. They also do it for refreshment purposes. Late nights and early mornings are also the low-engagement time as these are sleep hours or non-active social media time.

Effective Instagram Posting Times for Educational Institutions

The end of the school day is when students and faculty return to social media after having spent the first half of the day studying. Therefore, educational organizations should post on Instagram at:

Best DaysBest Time
Thursday2 PM
Friday4 AM – 5 AM

On Sunday, students and faculty participate in physical activities, so online activities are minimal. Educational institutions should avoid posting on Instagram on this day.

The Best time to post on Instagram for media companies

Instagram is more than just a platform for media and entertainment. Hence, the importance of determining the best time to post on Instagram and standing out from your competition is greater than ever.

Best DaysBest Time
Tuesday1 PM – 5 PM
Wednesday11 AM
Thursday8 AM – 9 AM

On Saturdays and Sundays, people tend to be less active on social media as they are spending these days doing real-life activities.

Ideal Time for Healthcare Organizations to Post on Instagram

Despite health care professionals not often using social media networks, your target audience tends to use Instagram more often than other platforms. Social media is their best way to pass the time while they wait outside your clinic. Taking advantage of Instagram to market your healthcare practices is an excellent idea. Find the best time for posting on Instagram.

Best DaysBest Time
Tuesday8 AM-Noon, 5 PM – 8 PM
Sunday8 AM – 9 AM

The worst time to post on Instagram is on Saturdays.

Posting times for nonprofit organizations on Instagram.

Social media agencies for nonprofits have made Instagram a standout strategy. It can be used as a way to attract volunteers for your activities. Use Instagram at the following times:

Best DaysBest Time
Wednesday10 AM – 6 PM

On Instagram, Saturdays and Sundays are the worst times to drive engagement.

Instagram Posting Times for Professionals

Marketing assets such as blogs, videos, ebooks, and videos are normally linked with professional services. Instagram followers are more likely to follow other content if posts are professional.

These are the best times to promote professional services using Instagram:

Best DaysBest Time
Tuesday9 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday9 AM – 10 PM
Friday9 AM – 10 PM

The weekend is the worst time to post on Instagram if you want people to consume educational content.

Effective Instagram posting time for Travel & Tourism Agencies

Most Travel & Tourism Agencies cannot afford to travel. They aren’t against travel content; they simply don’t like to consume it. Many people prefer reading about new places from the comfort of their homes, especially when they cannot go out.

I have personally noticed people getting bored in companies often turn to read about new places to freshen up. Even vibrant pictures of different places also cheer them up.

If you work in the travel and tourism industry, now is the best time to post on Instagram:

Best DaysBest Time
Monday11 AM – 3 PM
Thursday11 AM – 3 PM

Travel and tourism agencies should avoid posting on Instagram on Saturdays and Sundays.

Final Words- Improve Instagram Engagement through Scheduled Posts

Posting on Instagram and content strategy go hand in hand. Maintaining your content calendar and scheduling posts at the right time is essential to your marketing strategy. Throughout each business’ day, week, and month, engagement levels rise and fall. As a result, your Instagram strategy needs to change as well.

The following timings discussed in this article would definitely help you when you’ll start following them. Hope this article proofed to be helpful to you.

Please share with us what you tried and how it went.

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