Best WordPress Managed Hosting In Australia [Updated 2022]

Best WordPress Managed Hosting in Australia

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Australia

Are you just starting out with WordPress and wondering what managed WordPress hosting is all about?

It is likely that you found numerous managed WordPress hosting companies and found the prices quite steep compared to how much you can get from shared hosting, which costs quite less.

It’s understandable why there’s such a difference in price if you’re like most people.

Do you really get better service from managed WordPress hosting? Does my site need managed WordPress hosting? Does it really pay off to use managed WordPress hosting?

If yes, then in such a situation, which company is the best choice for managed WordPress hosting?

In this article, we will discuss the best quality hosting along with their differences. Having carefully analysed and compared dozens of managed WordPress hosting companies in 2022, we’ve also selected the top ones.

Before we dive in to which WordPress Managed Hosting is best in Australia, we need to see what is managed WordPress hosting, why you need it and whether it is what you really need or are there better options for you.

Because determining which hosting is the best WordPress Hosting in Australia, we need to know somethings about hosting servers in general & the differences between different types.

Why You Need A Good Hosting?

The internet used to be websites with plain text and images that looked less attractive in the aesthetic sense than the high school notes you wrote when the teacher was about to erase the board. But then came JavaScript.

Websites became much more responsive with cool visuals that engaged the user and made the whole experience of scrolling a website that much more exciting. But a mistake a lot of people made was using heavy animations with unoptimized JavaScript that impacted their website loading speeds significantly. People soon found out that no matter how cool their website looks, if it takes a minute to load the home page, no one was waiting that long to see just how cool their design was.

CMS systems like WordPress made it even easier to make cool websites that were so slow, no one was actually staying on them. This was partly because of heavy websites and partly because of hosting servers that were not optimized for WordPress.

Regular hosting, also called “Shared Hosting” works as the name suggests, by sharing one server for multiple websites of different types. This is why some servers didn’t support WP websites and those that did, didn’t do a very good job.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is now available from several web hosting providers due to WordPress’ popularity. Hosts that offer managed WordPress hosting manage all technical aspects of their client’s WordPress installations such as security, speed, WordPress upgrades, daily backups, and scalability.

It offers a hassle-free experience, which allows you to focus on doing what you do well instead of worrying about your web hosting. Premium support is one of the best aspects of Managed WordPress hosting. Instead of reading a support manual, you will receive help from WordPress experts.

WordPress Hosting is Not Regular Hosting

It’s not that the hosting services were not up to the mark, they were just not working well with WordPress websites. Then came WordPress managed hosting or simply WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting services not only allow or support WordPress websites, they are made for exclusively hosting WordPress websites. And you get your independent hosting server.

This made tasks on the system side super fast. Allowing you to not compromise on either design or speed of your website. Super-fast sounds great, but you need to determine whether you really need super fast or not. Because super fast and super cost go hand in hand.

Let’s compare WordPress Managed hosting with regular hosting and help you come to verdict.

WordPress Managed Hosting VS Shared Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting

Following is the short comparison between both WordPress managed hosting and Shared web hosting.

Managed WordPress HostingShared Web Hosting
WordPress Managed Hosting is faster and can handle large resources at a time.Shared Hosting is also fast if you don’t have a heavy website.
WordPress Managed Hosting has a better capacity to handle huge traffic volumes (We’re talking million visitors a month)Shared Hosting can accommodate an average number of visitors (Couple thousand a month)
WordPress Managed Hosting gives you 24/7 supportShared Hosting will have you manage any problems yourself providing only access to your system settings. But many shared web hosting provided 24/7 support as well.
WordPress websites with managed hosting usually performs better for SEOShared hosting will give you no additional benefit in terms of SEO
WordPress Managed Hosting requires zero management as all tasks are managed for youShared hosting allows you access to manage the settings yourself, which can be time taking and also redundant such as updating, creating backups, troubleshooting etc.
Average WordPress Managed Hosting starts from $15 and can go well above $50 for high end servicesShared web hosting starts from $5 minus the additional features.

By now you should have an idea of which option suits you better. Here are some additional things to consider when getting any type of hosting service, whether its managed or shared, to make sure you’ll be getting the best service.

What Factors Decide Quality Of Hosting

Factors that decide quality of hosting

Following are some of the factors you should know to determine the quality of hosting whether its shared or managed.

Hosting Company’s History & Reputation

The ideal host would be one who has a history of success and who understands the industry. Because if the hosting is new or doesn’t have any prior good history, you can evaluate its quality.

In order to reveal the truth, see what current (or former) customers have to say about a particular hosting company by performing a Google search or other platforms like Trustpilot.

Server Speed, Reliability & Uptime

Does your website take a long time to load?

Your business’ success is directly affected by the speed at which your website loads. Slow websites can lead visitors to bounce, which means more revenue lost.

Knowing a bit about SEO, you know that Google prioritizes speedy pages, as it wants its users to have the best experience possible.

Consider the loading speed of the website hosting service you are considering. Server location also matters when it comes to speed of the server. The further your server is from your location the longer will be the loading time. For fast WordPress hosting in Australia, make sure the hosting server is located in Australia or New Zealand, second best would be Singapore, and the farther you go the more loading time increases.

It is important that your website remains up and accessible all the time once it is established. However, no web host can guarantee perfection, so most companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. Thus, it is recommended to only use hosts that promise 99.9% uptime.


Besides speed, some businesses require web hosts that can scale up quickly and then scale down when demand declines. It is possible for a retailer, for instance, to get a lot of orders in a few weeks. The hosting service needs to be able to scale up and scale down accordingly. Not all web hosting services can offer this feature.

Be sure you can request upgrades from the web hosting company if your website grows. The capability of scaling up your hosting resources is convenient in situations where you end up using all your resources.

Even if you’re able to switch from one provider to another, you’re better off sticking with the same one. Migrating can also be a long and tedious process.


Is your website secure?

Keeping your website safe is increasingly important as cybercrime threatens online businesses.

No matter how good your web hosting solution is, if it is not secure, it isn’t worth the effort. Ultimately, your website will remain exposed to external threats.

To help you decide on a web hosting provider, here are some things to check the availibility for an hosting:

  • The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate encrypts data that is transmitted between the visitor’s browser and your server. To prevent sensitive information from being accessed by hackers, you need this feature.
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service mitigation prevents hackers from exhausting your server resources and bringing down your website by preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service.
  • The website will be protected by an antivirus scanner that will detect and delete any malicious software.
  • Cyberattacks can be prevented by a firewall, which protects against them.


You may need to do some research in order to solve this puzzle.

How does your hosting company choose their machines? What kind of machines do they have? Are they top-of-the-line, brand new machines or do they look like they were thrown together from spare parts?

If the hosting company does not specify the type of server they use, you should ask since hardware can affect how your site and the server perform.

Storage & Bandwidth

Storage and bandwidth rank among the most important factors that evaluates the quality of hosting.

The amount of storage space needed for the files you add to your website will depend on its purpose. Whatever your needs, you should always choose the service that is right for you.

Ensure you have enough memory with the web host if you require a lot of space. If you need very little space, save money by opting for a cheaper plan.

Besides considering the speed at which interactions can be processed, businesses must also consider the volume of data their web host will need to handle and that’s where bandwidth comes in. Having a few visitors looking for contact information every day has different needs than a business that streams thousands of media files daily.

A web hosting service’s pricing varies based on the amount of bandwidth requested.


Not talking about emotional support, if a hosting comes with that you take it. But good customer support should be high priority in your criteria for your choice of hosting service. This is because if you are keeping your website updated and adding new content to it, you will need to contact customer support often.

Let’s discover the best managed WordPress hosting.

6 Best Managed WordPress Hosting’s of 2022

Following are the top WordPress managed hosting to look at in 2022.

1. SiteGround – Overall Best WordPress Host

siteground wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $5.99/MO
Disk space: 10 GB
Data Centres: 6 Data Centers: UK, Sydney, Singapore, US (Chicago), Europe (Germany and Amsterdam in the Netherlands)
Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Our favourite hosting company is SiteGround, and WordPress agrees as well. SiteGround is among the few hosting companies recommended by WordPress.

Several tweaks have been made so that WP runs as smoothly as possible. With a powerful in-house caching system (SuperCache), free SSL, free CDN integration, automated daily backups, and their own plugin to connect to your site, WP admin comes with everything you need.

WordPress hosting plans that come with the entry-level feature give you a maximum of 10GB of disk space, 10 websites, and ten thousand monthly visitors. When you sign up, you will receive a brand new WordPress installation, automatic updates, and WP CLI access. Free daily backups are also offered. Each of these features will simplify your website’s day-to-day operations.

Moreover, they keep their servers clean with a system that crawls them regularly to keep them that way.

In terms of support, they offer 24/7 phone service, live chat, and email support.

2. Hostinger – Best Affordable Managed WordPress Hosting

hostinger managed wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $1.99/MO
Disk space: 30 GB
Data Centres: 7 Data Centers: USA, UK, Brazil, India, Singapore, Netherlands, and Lithuania.
Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Budget-friendly WordPress hosting is available through Hostinger.

Hostinger operates from seven data centres worldwide. With the Single WordPress plan, you’ll get a single website, one email account, free SSL, and a WordPress installation managed by our team. Managed WordPress from Hostinger includes a quick installation wizard, automatic website optimization, update management, and more.

Even with the lowest cost plans out there, Hostinger still one of the best cheap managed WordPress hosting in Australia. This is a great option for those on a tight budget who already own a domain.

With LiteSpeed Cache, caching can be customized, but CDN is only available with their more expensive WordPress Starter package.

It makes hostinger the best Australian WordPress hosting without having any physical servers in Australia because it’s servers in Singapore work great for Australian users. Obviously having one in Australia would push it higher up in the list of fast WordPress hosting’s in Australia, but unfortunately currently, there isn’t any news for that.

3. Cloudways – Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting

cloudways wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $10/MO
Disk space: 25 GB
Cloud Hosting Providers: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google with wide variety of data centres
Support: 24/7/365 Live Chat & ticketing

Cloudways stands out from most of the other providers in the market. The biggest advantage of dedicated server hosting is that you do not have to worry about operating your own VPS or dedicated server.

Their cloud services are provided by Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean, Amazon, and Google. They offer 60 different locations and 5 different providers.

As the fastest WP host on the web right now, Cloudways is highly configurable, scalable, and offers dedicated server resources. Unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting is a more advanced form of hosting. Compared to traditional hosting, cloud hosting is more scalable and flexible in the long run.

Each plan comes with Managed backups, free Cloudways CDN services, and Managed security. If you’re looking for fast VPS servers for your blog but don’t know how to manage them, Cloudways is the solution for you.

4. WP Engine – Popular Managed WordPress Hosting

wp engine wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $19/MO
Disk space: 10 GB
Cloud Hosting Providers: Google and AWS with wide variety of data centres
Support: Live Chat, Tickets, Phone

Managed WordPress hosting provider WP Engine is among the most popular. Additionally, their hosting plans provide powerful performance optimization, managed updates, a staging environment with 1-click staging, and content delivery network (CDN).

VIP WordPress hosting is provided by WPEngine. These servers are fast and reliable and can handle any task. Hackers can’t get on your website, and their incredible customer service will make you feel like a king. Security updates are automatically performed daily, backups are made daily, one-click restore points are set up, automatic caching is available, top-tier security is provided, and staging areas are also available.

If you need assistance, WPEngine is like having a full-time team of WordPress experts at your disposal. WPEngine is a good choice for businesses that do not want to handle the technical side of running a blog.

5. Kinsta – Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

kinsta managed wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $30/MO
Disk space: 10 GB
Cloud Hosting Providers: 29+ Data Centres from Google Cloud Platform
Support: Live Chat, Tickets, Phone

In comparison to the other companies on this list, Kinsta is a smaller player, but they’ve quickly gained their standing in the landscape because of the quality of their hosting platform and their focus on WordPress exclusively.

Kinsta is a more premium solution as they uses google cloud platform, but for the money you pay you get a highly optimized platform that can support a large number of visitors, that automatically scales, that supports SSH, WP-CLI, Git, that integrates a CDN, and that offers a lot more. Also, Kinsta has lowered its pricing for smaller businesses.

With a coveted customer list that includes brands like Ubisoft, Asana, National Geographic, TripAdvisor, and Yelp etc. Kinsta is pioneer in the WordPress hosting industry. If you’re looking to host WordPress hassle-free, WP Engine is an excellent option.

6. A2 Hosting- Best Managed Cloud Hosting for WordPress

a2 hosting managed wordpress hosting

Price starts from: $23.99/MO
Disk space: 50 GB
Data Centres: 3 Data Centres: USA (Michigan & Arizona), Europe (Amsterdam In Netherlands), Singapore
Support: Live Chat, Tickets, Phone

A2 Hosting is an incredible web hosting company. However, their plans are very well optimised and ensure that all WordPress sites operate at maximum performance even though they are not officially recommended by WordPress. Their servers feature blazing-fast SSD drives and a decent caching system.

Additionally, they have a data centre in Singapore that is almost as fast as SiteGround’s. Live chat, tickets, and phone support are available 24/7. With one-click WordPress installation and a money-back guarantee, A2 has everything you could wish for in a hosting service.

With A2 Hosting, you can get Turbo speeds when you choose their top-tiered plan. A2 Hosting has fast premium servers for you to choose from. What’s even more amazing is that their basic servers are already faster than those of other hosting providers in Australia.


Can’t decide which managed WordPress hosting in Australia is right for your business?

Among the managed WordPress hosting services listed in this article, Siteground is the best. It offers the most affordable managed WordPress hosting service and is really good for WordPress SEO.

It is highly recommended to start with Cloudways if you are a beginner. With the most robust support, the best features, and the easiest setup for beginners, they are the most suitable option.

Choose a web host which has a data centre in Australia if the majority of your website visitors come from that country.

If you have any other best WordPress hosts for Australia, please let us know in the comments section.

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