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The 8 Most Important Local SEO Ranking Factors in 2022

local seo ranking factors 2022

Boost your SEO ranking with these 8 local SEO ranking factors that will drive highly-motivated, local traffic to your business.

Small businesses are quickly realizing that local search is one of the most important parts of their marketing strategy in 2022. Here is an overview of the strategies that help local SEO campaigns be successful.

The Local SEO market is growing faster than ever, even though its still in its infancy. Local SEO gives small business owners a huge amount of search visibility, along with the opportunity to reach out to local customers.

As local search becomes more popular, it is driven by a complicated search algorithm system that has drastically changed in recent years. Search engines like Google and Bing constantly strive to provide users with the most useful and helpful information nearby; consequently, ranking highly in local search results requires a precise and strategic approach.

It’s unknown which exact ranking factor contributes to local search rankings. However, we do know that several key factors work together to help local businesses rank higher and be more visible in local searches.

8 Local SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

We’ve outlined eight crucial factors that will affect local search rankings in the year 2022

1. Google My Business

The Google My Business tool provides users with local business listings through Google Maps and is one of the most essential local SEO ranking factors. Getting your business noticed by Google and potential customers depends on the way you set up your GMB listing. It’s crucial that you list, verify, and manage your GMB since that’s one of the first things users see when looking for a company on Google.

Credits: Wordstream

In order to determine where and how your business is shown to people in your area, search algorithms analyze signals like proximity, contact information, categories, and updated content.

Setting up, claiming, and verifying a GMB listing is extremely important, but the listing can also be optimised for better visibility by implementing a local SEO campaign.

2. On-Page Signals

In terms of local rankings, your website is evaluated based on a variety of on-page factors. Using relevant keywords is the first factor that is evaluated. During the process of deciding where your site belongs, search engines are looking for keywords that are highly relevant and strategically positioned. Your website can rank better in specific areas for your industry if you use the right keywords.

Important details like name, address, and phone number (NAP) on pages are also essential for on-page search engine ranking. These details determine how close your site is to its target audience.

The mobile-friendliness of your website is another factor contributing to your local SEO ranking. According to Google, 30% of mobile search queries will be location-based by 2022. For both local rankings and user experience, you need a mobile-friendly website that is easily accessible and fast. By optimizing your pages for local search, you can help people locate your products and services.

3. Ratings & Reviews

Almost every customer reads reviews of a business before making a purchase. An online review that is positive makes your business appear reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate. Reviews have a huge impact not only on the decision-making process for potential clients, but are also going to be considered ranking factors in local search in 2022.

Organizations that consistently receive positive feedback online will benefit from better ranking. As part of local SEO ranking signals, all the reviews that a business receives will be taken into account, as well as their frequency, diversity, and quality.

Google deems a successful business as one that receives frequent positive reviews from customers. Due to Google’s desire to put users first, businesses with good reviews will rank higher on local searches. A successful local SEO campaign drives satisfied customers to review and rate your business on sites like Google Maps, Yelp, Glassdoor, Trip Advisor, and Yellow Pages.

4. Backlink Profile

For a local business, building authority through backlinks is essential. In order to boost the visibility and effectiveness of local businesses’ websites, they should seek out local, relevant, and authoritative websites to link to. While acquiring high-quality backlinks can be hard, remember that quantity isn’t as important as quality when other sites link to yours.

Getting links from authority sites to your site is crucial to getting a high ranking. A backlink’s quality, relevance, authority, and anchor text are the four primary factors that affect local SEO ranking.

5. Internet Citations

List of Business Directories and Citations
Credits: Sitecentre

Citations and directories online are like the Yellow Pages of yesteryear. Obtaining local backlinks from legitimate, authoritative websites based on citations is a great way of getting consistent information out to the web. Directory listings and citations can be used to find product and service information. Citations provide search engines with the information they need about a business.

Keeping your NAP consistent is one of the key ranking factors for local SEO in 2022. Be sure citation and directory listings include the same business name, address, and phone number. By using directories and citations, you can confirm to users and search engines that your contact information is accurate.

6. Behaviour Analysis

The ranking order of local search results is determined by several behavioral signals incorporated into Google’s algorithm. A behavioral signal is an indication of how your audience interacts and engages with local business listings and websites. A typical user signal includes:

◉ CTR (click-through rates)

◉ Mobile click-to-call ratio

◉ Check-ins on social networks

The search engines analyse all of these things to see which businesses are the most relevant and getting the most attention from customers. Keeping track of user behaviour to make adjustments that will improve the user experience for local searchers is part of a comprehensive local SEO campaign.

Monitor these signals, and you’ll be able to attract more local customers to your business.

7. Local Content

Your local search rankings can be dramatically improved by publishing content relevant to your local community. Connecting with brands on relevant, relatable, and community-oriented topics is key to connecting with users. Websites with local content are likely to rank much higher on local search engines since they provide users with exceptional value.

Articles, videos, graphics, blogs, news items, and event announcements about a local area are all examples of local content. You can become more visible to local users and search engines by using key phrases and location-based terms in the copy.

8. Personalised ranking signals

A drop in your page ranking doesn’t necessarily mean personalisation has ceased to be important. Local search ranking factors are correlated, so a drop in your ranking is not necessarily a harmful sign.

As a result, the user’s search results are largely based on the language, device, and location associated with the user. People who are familiar with and have searched for specific products or services are more likely to find them.

Nonetheless, personalization has no significant impact on local organic rankings or local pack rankings. Moreover, optimizing the page doesn’t offer much assistance. Creating content in each language can help searchers if you serve locations with multiple languages. However, It will be more difficult for local businesses to create content in each language.

Step by Step guide to local SEO
Credits: Pickaweb


The first step in local search marketing is to identify the factors and elements that influence local SEO rankings. It is better to get started with local SEO now than later – competition is fiercer and local SEO is becoming more critical for street side businesses.

The factors listed above will make it clear that local SEO isn’t an easy task for small businesses. Taking a comprehensive and systematic approach to local SEO is necessary to achieve the long-term success that will integrate all the factors that impact search visibility.

Local SEO experts at Rumors are leading local search specialists in Sydney. We have developed a deep understanding of the many local search ranking factors that businesses must consider as we work one-on-one with each client. We provide SEO services to businesses of all sizes, but local SEO offers the highest return on investment and generates the most qualified leads.

Local SEO is the most effective and powerful way to dramatically increase the volume and quality of organic search leads your business receives. For more information about the local search for your business, contact one of our local SEO specialists.

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