Domain Name Length: Short Vs. Long - How Important Is It?

Domain Name Length: Short Vs. Long – How Important Is It?

Short Domain Name vs Long Domain Name

Trying to decide whether to choose a long or short domain name? This article can help you decide.

Are you planning on renaming an existing website or starting a new one? The question you might have is, “Which is better, a long or short domain name?”. Choosing the right domain name for your new website can be confusing. This page is intended to help answer that question.

Make sure you read this article before you settle on a new domain name. It will help you decide whether a short or long domain name is best for you.

In choosing a domain name for your website, we take into account factors such as user experience metrics, SEO metrics, and general best practices.

What Is A Domain Name & Why Do You Need It?

What is Domain Name and How it works?

Domain names are the names your users will use to search for your website (together with your TLD specification). For example, in the case of, you’ll be redirected to this website. That’s our domain. In the same way that a physical address is a place where people can find us physically, our domain name is the place where they can find us online.

Buying a domain name is the first step in getting your brand-new website up and running. A domain name registrar can be found in Australia in a wide variety of ways. You can always transfer your domain from the company you bought it from to the one hosting your website once you’ve purchased it.

A domain name can be purchased and registered for a relatively low cost. However, there is a yearly fee to maintain the domain name. If you choose a .com domain,, .sydney, .net, or .co domain, the yearly fee will vary. Your yearly renewal fee will be determined by your top-level domain specification. There is a wide range of yearly renewal fees depending on your TLD.

Advantages of Short Domain Names

Do you wonder why it is best to choose a short domain name? A shorter domain is typically 15 characters or less. Generally, shorter domain names tend to be easier to remember than longer ones. It is, therefore, easier for users to remember and type your domain name when you advertise your domain name on different mediums such as print, social, radio, and television.

The simplicity of short domain names makes it easier to build brand recognition faster than longer domain names. In the future, if you decide to create shirts, business cards, or stickers for your company, they will be easier to print and take up less space. A brand name search is more likely to lead to users recalling the brand name and having them enter it in a search engine.

Advantages of long domain names

It’s not a bad idea to think about a long domain name! There are several benefits to long domain names that shorter ones don’t provide. If you have a long company name, you can use the entire brand name.

There is currently no domain name with four characters or less for sale on the market as of 2022. You have a much greater chance of getting the brand name that you want when you register a long domain name than a short one.

Longer domain names have the benefit of including your target keywords. This is something that is often overlooked. Search engines still give preference to websites that include their target keywords. In the example above, registering your domain as “” would make it easier to rank than simply registering it.

The more relevant keywords you include in your URL, the more Google knows what to expect when they visit your website.

Do Keywords Play a Role in Domain Names?

Previously, we discussed this topic. But I’ll say it again. The search engines prioritizes websites with keywords in their URLs

Domains that match your keywords exactly or partially are called exact match domains or partial match domains. As an example:

An exact match domain would be something like “”.

However, a partial match domain would be “”.

Google’s search algorithms updates have evolved over the years to place less weight on exact and partial match domains. Although some SEO experts argue that exact matches and partial matches have no impact on positions or rankings, there are many who disagree. Let us tell you that they are completely mistaken.

There are many companies that benefit from having an exact match domain when they enter a phrase like “SEO Melbourne“. Most companies featured on Google’s first page are there due to the keyword appearing in their domain name or some variation of it. It is very unlikely that they would be able to get the same results with a domain name without an exact or partial keyword.

Short Domain vs Long Domain

According to Google, the exact match domain (EMD) ranking power was reduced in 2012 due to an update. As of 2022, the algorithm still has issues separating organic ranking websites from those with partial and exact matches.

Long Domain Name vs. Short Domain Name: What’s the best choice?

Try to keep your domain name as short as possible and choose one that describes your service or product. It would be best if you could choose a domain with your brand name along with a word that pertains to the product or service you are providing.

It is imperative to select a slogan that will be easy for consumers to recall and that can be easily incorporated into other forms of advertising. In the web development community and wider SEO community, the debate about long and short domain names is still quite strong. It is getting increasingly difficult to find a suitable domain name, given the sheer number of names registered over the last decade.

Think of five or ten potential domain names and run them past a group of neutral individuals such as employees, friends, or family members to get a sense of their strengths and weakness. Don’t get caught up in whether you choose long or short domain names; simply because a domain name is short does not mean it is easier to remember. Using a domain name that reflects the product or service you are selling will help you build a stronger online presence.


No matter how long or short your domain name is in 2022 and beyond, it won’t have any effect on your SEO success. We have helped companies achieve outstanding results with SEO for exactly matched, partial matches, no matching, long domain names, and short domain names for the last three years.

Your SEO success in 2022 and beyond will not be determined by the length of your domain name. With time, we expect the role of partial and exact match domains in Google’s search ranking algorithm to lessen.

Get in touch with our SEO Agency today to discuss your existing or prospective domain.

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