Apni Dukan is an online grocerry store that provides international grocery for expats living in any part of Australia.

About Apni Dukan

John Doe had a few sources that provided him with groceries from his home country in a regional part of Australia. He started accepting orders from others in his community as a favor until the favors grew to an overwhelming number. This made him realize how big the demand was for which he had the sources to supply. Hence came Apni Dukan the online store for international grocery that spread all over Australia in a matter of months.

Like all smart businessmen, John Doe wanted to expand his business and start his own chain of physical retail stores. This is where he needed some help and experience of veteran marketers.

Apni Dukaan Growth with Rumors

1 K%
Increase in Foot Traffic
1 K+
Searches IN Sydney
1 %
Brand Lift

The Challenege

With the brand being solely online with no prior physical front, Apni Dukan lacked any design assets that would be able to keep the branding consistent both online and in-store. Since the store had decent traffic and was well known, it was a must to have a branding that was immediately recognizable as the iconic international grocery store loved by all expats.

Apni Dukan was looking for a branding expert in Sydney that would help them with this challenge.


The Solution

As Apni Dukan stepped in to the physical world with their first ever store in Sydney, they needed some help getting the word out about it.

We designed billboards for Apni Dukan that were displayed in all over Sydney for awareness about the brand’s entry in Sydney.


We branded the whole physical store to give it a fresh look that suited more to a physcial store while keeping it as aligned with the original branding as possible. The goal was to have customers feel like they’ve physically stepped in to the online store.

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