Catch A Flight is a flight booking agency in the UK.

About Catch A Flight

Catch A Flight is a flight booking agency that has been operating in the UK for the last 12 years with the last design update some 5 years ago. Catch A Flight needed to update to a newer design language to show they were keeping up with changes in the industry to retain loyal customers as well as gain new ones.

Rebranding the whole company with new logo & design, we developed a new website implementing the branding along with system updates for booking flights. Improving the experience for the users and increasing efficiency for the business. The website started signaling the improved affects of the new website with the most bookings in one week in the first 7 days after the website was rolled out.

Catch A Flight Growth with Rumors

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Catch A Flight is a travel agency that has been operating in the UK for the last 12 years. Having premium partner labels with most commercial airlines allows Catch A Flight to get the best possible rates in the market using their flight booking systems which they are constantly improving.

After providing quality service to their clients for so many years, Catch A Flight felt a need to rebrand the company to improve user experience & brand likeness.

The main goal was to attract more clients with a brand that is more current & relevant.


The goal of rebranding was to modernize the brand with a new sleek design language and show its dominance in the industry with the competition crushing offers the agency offered.

For this purpose, the branding had to be bold in colors & sleek in design.


Website Design

The new website design by Rumors implemented the new branding. The primary focus in the web design was to improve user experience. We structured the website for easier navigation to help visitors find what they came for, wherever they wandered off to in the website. User Experience was tested with A/B testing after the implementation of the new design which showed nearly 70% improvement when reviewed by the test subjects.


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