Fixezi is an online platform for Australians to hire qualified tradies, so you can book directly to local qualified tradies in your area.

About Fixezi

Fixezi is an Aussie startup by Jake Forman. The App is a Peer-to-Peer model that connects tradies to service seekers. Before Rumors, Fixezi doen’t have any prior social presence and audience for its app.

We have helped Fixezi build a community of hardcore supporters and users of the App using a combination of Paid and Organic Media. Check out what we’ve done for Fixezi so far and how we did it.

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The Challenege

Jake had an idea to leverage a lapse in tradie work finding app industry. The problems he faced were:

The competitors were behemoths and the target audience had been scammed with similar promises before.

The behemoths of the industry were strong Australia wide & had a huge audience that relied on them for providing work. And even though Fixezi had a better promise, both tradies & service seekers didn’t have any benefit to join an app with no existing clients or service providers.

We quickly realized it was a paradox. Users not joining the platform because there were no users on the app already.

The Solution

Our angle to approach the market was clear. It was to gain trust of the tradies that were most skeptic due to their past experiences. This audience would be hard to get but once it did believe we were legit, it was most likely to wait on the platform without initial work to support a platform they can finally trust.

Campaign #1

Our first paid campaign was to aware this audience with the new platform’s concept with an emphasis on why Jake, a tradie, made this app. The reasons completely resonated with the audience.

The reasons had to resonate with why the tradies wanted a new app. Next was breaking the news to tradies that finally someone has stood up against the apps they had hated yet depended on for so long.

The response was great, seemed like everyone wanted to know what Jake had made.


Campaign #2

After creating a warm audience that was interested in what Fixezi offered, it was time to build trust with & drive action from that audience.

For this we went with a very authentic & natural approach. We had Jake get back into his old work wear & talk to straight to the tradies on the other side to make the promise, explain everything, & ask for their support.

This was a massive success & we got more tradies to signup than we had actually aimed for. We talked to the tradies about what they wanted, how they wanted to be talked to, & who they wanted to talk with, success was just a matter of publishing the ads.


Social Media

Fixezi was a new-born platform when it came to us. The task of creating a community from the ground up was given to us.

And “build a community from ground up” we did.

From dissing our competitors from a safe distance to making supporters, fans, & super fans by sharing the journey and story of the brand on social media. Fixezi quickly built a strong community on social media platforms by being a close friend & sometimes an entertainer to the community. We had supporters across Australia that were rooting for Fixezi, influencers in other states that helped us get the deserved exposure, and of course Rumors’ team that helped bind this all to have a cohesive effect and make an actual change in the industry.


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