Polar Kool is a logistics company that specializes in supply chain solutions for frozen, chilled & dry goods across Australia.

About Polar Kool

A logistics company specializing in frozen, chilled, and dry goods across Australia, Polar Kool. The company of their size was struggling with order management because of manual systems.

Rumors helped Polar Kool design and implement an order management system that automated the whole process from order receiving till fulfilment along with order tracking for the client portal & record keeping to simplify their bookkeeping.


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The Challenege

Polar Kool came to us with a web app development project. They were looking to automate their communication systems and have a customer portal for a better customer experience.

Their order management system, from receiving to fulfilment was all pretty much manual. The customer placed an order on the web which was received by the company through email and that’s where the automation stopped.

The Solution

We developed a system that would automate their order management procedure from order placement to fulfilment with the added functionality of order tracking for clients as well.


Since Polar Kool was operating in all states of Australia, the communication happening was dynamically in real time to the respective departments all over the state through our provided customer portal solution.

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