A whole-sale workwear brand.

About Rexada

Rexada is a work wear maufacturer that provides custom work wear designs with quality being their USP. Rexada’s sales team was getting good results for the business, but they realized there was a more efficient way to increase market share.

We helped Rexada develop a brand that represented what the business stood for and implemented that branding to create a digital front for their business. Allowing them to cater to a much larger audience than they could ever reach before with their brand’s message.

Rexada Growth with Rumors

1 %
Increase In Online Traffic
1 x
leads Increased
1 K%
Website ROI

The Challenege

Rexada was doing great in the market despite not having a digital presence at all. As competitors started making moves online Rexada had to secure it’s market share by competing online as well.

They needed to freshen up the brand to make up for their late entry in the digital world.

The Solution

We did the whole brand for Rexada. From choosing the colors that would induce the right emotions in their prospects. The strong and bold colors represent a strong and enduring brand like a workwear brand should.


The whole visual experience of the brand is focused on sleekness that represents the cutting edge technology the brand uses in manufacturing that gives it the edge on quality over its competitors. And the boldness that represents the strength of the brand in a market of industrialists & manufacturers.


We helped Rexada establish a strong foothold in the digital front with a new website that expressed the brand’s focus on product quality & client experience.


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