This blog is written with the intent to give business owners who are in the consideration phase of hiring a Digital Marketing agency an approach on “How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency” for their business.

Why you should hire a Digital Marketing Agency

If you’re still not sure about this, check out this blog that explains exactly what pains a Digital Marketing agency solves for you.

You’ve decided that to spread your business and keep ahead of your competition. You need to start your Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing campaigns. You’ve also come to the realization that managing your business as well as it’s Digital Media and Social Media ad campaigns is going to be cumbersome and can result in mismanagements of all sorts on either your operations side or your Digital/Social Media campaign side. So, you’ve decided to go with an agency that will provide these services for you.

Great, now all you need is to choose a Digital Marketing agency and start running ads from tomorrow.

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Slow down there bucko. Not choosing the right agency for your business might not hurt your business directly but it can and will add to your headaches. It’s not that there are good and bad Digital Marketing Agencies. But each has a category of clients they handle better.

(though there might be some sketchy ones out there but don’t worry, we’ll look into how to smell out the rotten ones as well).

What makes a Digital Marketing agency a good choice?

It’s quite simple when it comes to checking for credibility of a Digital Marketing Agency and the quality of their services. But those are not the only two things that you ought to consider when choosing the right one for your business.

  • Credibility
  • Quality of service
  • Compatibility

First you need to understand what a Digital Marketing Agency does

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The holistic approach by Digital Media Agencies, where all your efforts support one and other for best possible results.

You should know exactly what you’re looking for and what do you expect from a Digital Marketing Agency to do for your business exactly. Before you go any further than thinking to yourself that you want to hire a Digital Marketing agency, get prepared on the topic. Learn what the services are that a digital marketing agency can provide and what kind of benefits they yield. Again, if you don’t know exactly what to expect from a Digital Marketing Agency and how the results can be different from simply posting social media content and PPC campaigns yourself, refer to this blog.

Following is a list of standard Digital Marketing Agency Services

  • SEO (Google Search Results ranking)
  • Paid advertisement (Social Media and Google)
  • Social Media Management (Content, engagement, brand image…)

How To Find Out The Quality Of Services

Quality Check list for Digital Marketing services

Quality check list of Digital marketing services

A good indicator for a Digital Marketing Agency’s quality of services is how do they perform for themselves in terms of the services they provide their clients.

To check their SEO for instance, simply try to find the website on Google by an Organic search. Search for different terms to get a good sense of how they’re performing.

Check out their social profiles. See how they’re managing their own campaigns.

Once you’ve checked them out on their website and or social media pages, you’re going to start seeing their ads if their running any campaigns on the social media platforms as well. That’ll also be a good insight into how effective their own strategies are.

How To Check For Credibility

Go check out their website, see what they’re saying for themselves.

They should also have some client testimonials on there. But don’t believe everything you see or read. Considering the testimonials they have posted are true and the businesses they have listed are real. And were satisfied with the Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing services of the Digital Marketing Agency. The business shouldn’t be hard to find on the internet. After all, they just had a Google ad campaign or SEO or Facebook/Instagram campaign run for them that satisfied them with the results. If that’s not the case, you should probably refrain from considering the agency. Since such sketchy behaviors are often indicators of a rotten agency. Better to go with an agency that doesn’t have client testimonials at all, at least they’re not lying about it.

Do They Have Relevant Experience?

Contact, ask if they’ve worked with a business similar to yours?

If you’ve checked out the Digital Marketing Agency on multiple platforms and think they’re legit, reach out to them and ask if they’ve worked with a business similar to yours. This is important because even though a Digital Marketing Agency might have a lot of experience on their hands but none with a business in your field or niche, they won’t be able to compete with the results that produced by an Agency that has worked with that particular niche, and what if that’s the kind of agency your competition has hired? If they claim to have worked with a similar business, ask them if they can share some details with how the Digital Marketing Agency worked with them, what were the goals and objectives, what were the results produced. Being from that business field yourself, you’ll be able to tell if they’re saying the right stuff or not.

For example if a Digital Marketing Agency Claims to have worked with a Veterinarian clinic and doesn’t know how such a business serves its clients, what kind of campaigns were they running for them?


This is probably the most important part.

If you’re a small company, don’t look for a Digital Marketing Agency that’s dealing with big fish. There are a number of reasons why shouldn’t do so, like

  • For someone still reading on how to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency, you don’t require such premium services. (A credible and experienced agency of a medium scale will work better for you.)
  • You might be able to afford their services, but not their campaign budgeting approaches. (Some will even reject you for this reason)
  • You are definitely not their most important client

Also they won’t be working as closely with you as you would prefer as a small business owner. And if that’s the case, your results might be affected too. If your Digital Marketing agency doesn’t develop a good close relation with you, they’re not going to understand the business as deeply as they should. What your vision is for the business, what are the short-term & long-term goals for your business. These things are not just to develop a relationship with the business but also a key factor in developing your Social Media Strategy or running a Social media ad campaign.


So whichever Digital Marketing Agency you’re going with,

  • Make sure they’re legit.
  • They have relevant experience so they can give you the best possible results within your budget.
  •  Have a meeting with the head of the company or team leads to see if they’re the kind of people you’d be comfortable working with.

Hopefully you now know how to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency that works best for your business.

Is Rumors a good choice for you?

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