Export funding grant for marketing spend over $2,500 by the Australian Government

This post is written with the intent to aware businesses marketing their products/services abroad with Rumors, themselves, or with other agencies all alike to save money by securing the export funding grant for marketing spend by the Australian Government, if their spend is greater than $2500.

Australian Trade and Investment Commission logo

The Australian Trade & Investment Commission has announced a grant for any small-medium business selling Australian goods or services outside of Australia. The minimum marketing budget for the business has to be $2,500.

Guidelines pdf


How to Apply?

You could apply yourself, but applying through professionals is always easier, faster, & less stressful. If you want to apply yourself, click here to visit the “Austrade” website.

There you can read all about

  • What are the criteria
  • When can you apply
  • What is the process?

And you’ll also find a pdf for Export Marketing Development Grant guidelines above that will help you through the process.

The alternate to applying yourself would be hiring a professional bookkeeper for your business. A bookkeeper can keep track of all grants, rebates, & tax amnesties your business is or can be eligible for.

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