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Having data analysis integrated into your digital marketing strategy is part of what makes our PPC management team one of the best in the industry. Due to our non-lock-in contracts and a dedicated account manager for your PPC campaigns, we remain responsible for driving great results each month.

PPC Sydney Services

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the most effective method for boosting site traffic and converting more visitors. In online marketing, it means bidding on keywords, sending the advertising channel money each time someone clicks on your ad to generate business. Paid advertising is the way to go if you want to drive a steady stream of high-quality, buy-ready leads directly to your site.

If you target your PPC campaign accurately, you can unlock its true power. Capture more customers who are ready to buy with every dollar you spend on PPC. Having PPC experts for your campaign will result in a meaningful return on investment – even in the most competitive industries.

What Makes Rumors The Best PPC Advertising Agency?

It is better not to waste your Google Ads budget on people who will never convert. Work with a PPC Sydney agency that targets clients you are interested in.

Increasing conversions and generating revenue is our goal through paid search and paid social campaigns.

“We have built more than a 100 profitable PPC campaigns from the ground up with up to 30X sustainable ROAS”

PPC is based on understanding keywords and search terms used and the user intent behind them. The more you understand what you’re selling & how users are searching for it on the internet, the finer your bid strategies that get you unfair amount of market share by diversifying your audiences to target them at all customer journey phases, for the amount you’re willing to pay.

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PPC Campaigns with a strong ROI

The most reliable source of advertising on the internet, yet so many businesses not taking the time to do it proper. Google’s search ads provide you access to millions of people searching specifically for your business products with the same exact terms you want to show up for. But that’s not where the money is made.

Following are the little things we’re obsessed with…

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PPC Strategy

To expand your reach quickly and tap into a larger volume of market share without having to spend as long, CPC is the way to go. Bid for keywords that your potential clients are searching for to sell directly or educate potential buyers.

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Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis allows us to estimate what value a given keyword has for your business. The low hanging fruit (clear buying intent) is then bid most aggressively & the subtle implicit intent that shows a possibility of a conversion is given lower bids.

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Negative Keyword Research

This might actually be more important than the actual keywords you want to show up for. Negative keywords are the terms you do not want to pay for to appear in search results. When done right, negative keyword research can be the difference between a profitable & failed PPC campaign

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Match types

Using a combination of exact match, phrase match, & broad match allows you to filter audiences based on the level of intent possible search terms can have. This increases your market share by catering to the top & middle of the funnel audiences while bidding the least amount to maximize ROI from this channel.

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is key when structuring a PPC campaign. This allows you to see what keywords have the most competition on & find those hidden gems that may not be bid on most aggressively ye still yield valuable results.

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Campaign Structure

Structuring your PPC campaign is not only for ease of management but better results as well. Organizing different intent level keywords in different ad sets allows you to bid for each intent level individually. This gives you control over your ad spend minimizes paying more than your desired amount for specific search terms that may not be attractive to bid highest for but are not to be missed either.

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Ad Creation & Copywriting

The real estate you share with your competitors on the SERPs is a competitive place to be. Beating your competition on the basis of a text ad for the highest CTRs & lowest CPCs requires master copywriting skills. Plus using all handy features Google allows to hog up as much SERP real estate as possible to show most information about your destination URL there.

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Landing Pages Optimization

Your search ads can only influence a click through to your landing page. It depends on your landing page to convert the incoming traffic. Therefore your landing page must be the most relevant one for the searched term. Additional important factors that convert incoming traffic are landing page design & copy.

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Constant monitoring of performance gives you optimization cues to improve your campaign as well new keyword ideas for both the most profitable ones & the ones that are making you bleed. Tracking also gives you cues to see if your landing destinations are in order by analyzing consumer behavior once they’re on your website after searching for a keyword on Google.

How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our Sydney PPC Services


PPC campaigns start and end with keyword research. When strategizing for your PPC campaign, our experts take a deep dive in to the vocabulary people use when searching for services or products like yours.

This allows us to set our bids aggressively for the keywords that show direct intent & more importantly the terms that show subtle intent of interest that can be converted with either additional touchpoints or education-based content.


Campaign Structure allows us to structure our keywords and ad sets in logical groups that would have the same landing pages and bid ranges based on the level of intent shown in each group of keywords. This allows us to cater to each intent level individually to maximize ROI.

Using the right landing pages is key to making a PPC campaign profitable. Audiences in different phases of the buyer’s funnel should be guided to suitable landing pages. Ready to buy, considering, researching, unaware audiences should land on product pages, category pages, home page, & blogs respectively.


Our experts have helped build businesses solid PPC campaigns from the ground up, for business services to small eCommerce brands and everything in between. We have onboarded clients with existing PPC campaigns and optimized them to extract revenue from top and middle of the funnel keywords to 2x their ROI within the first month.

To find out what revenue generating keywords you might be missing out on, hop on a discovery call or contact us via email/live chat support to get a free session with our top PPC strategist for a tailored solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is an acronym for Pay-Per-Click. In this type of online advertising model, advertisers are only charged when their ad is clicked. The most common platform to use PPC marketing is Google Ads. There are also numerous other advertising companies that use the same technique.

SEO is a long term game with little to no results in the beginning but high ROI in the long run as the returns are much higher that the input. PPC is the exact opposite, it brings instant revenue but requires constant input. & maintaining positive ROI in PPC is not child’s play.

PPC costs are not easy to determine. There are a lot of factors to consider: What is your marketing budget? How much does a click cost, on average, in your industry and location? Which keywords do you intend to target? How much does it cost for your competitors on average? Paid search is a competitive market and acts like an auction. Costs vary with the volume of searchers. You can plan how much you will spend each time someone clicks on your ad if you know how much the average cost per click is for your industry. 
PPC agencies in Sydney should be judged by the quality and level of experience they have, rather than the rate at which they charge. Only then can you get true ROI on your advertising. It is not wise to go for the cheapest PPC agency Sydney has to offer. In many PPC agencies, they use a set-and-forget approach to campaign management, which can’t maximize results. This is not our approach. We take pride in offering you honest, straight-up PPC campaigns that get the most value for every dollar spent.

Facebook ads are not PPC, they charge per 1000 impressions (CPM). Examples of CPC are Google Search or display ads, & Bing ads.

Our SEO agency operates throughout Australia. Whether you want SEO services in Sydney or Melbourne, we’re always excited to show results.

Our PPC agency assists businesses of all sizes to improve their websites and improve the effectiveness of their pay-per-click campaigns. Specifically, we provide data-driven search engine marketing services.

Our team of online advertising experts has worked with a wide range of advertisers over the years, and we can provide you with the quality, experience, and support you need for a successful campaign.

We are a leading PPC marketing agency in Australia providing services including PPC advertising, search engine marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, website tracking, and much more.

A good agency will likely modify the structure of your PPC account once it is taken over by them. They will then be able to test and optimize it. Your account is then constantly paused and added new keywords, optimized bids, tested copy, tweaked landing pages, and settings will be changed to improve performance.


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