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We as a digital marketing agency helps small and big businesses achieve their online goals. Our sole purpose is to provide the best Hobart SEO service because we give 100% of our time, effort, and resources to the most effective SEO in Tasmania.

Because we specialize in one field, we can create bespoke solutions that generalist agencies cannot. Our assessment of the SEO space in Tasmania is that large agencies that sell themselves as online marketing experts will overtake the market by 2022.

At Rumors, we don’t follow the crowd. Our salespeople don’t make overly-fast sales pitches. Instead, we employ SEO professionals who know how your site works.

As a company, we’ll never work with a client unless we think search engine optimization (SEO) will help them grow.

Contact us right away if you are a Hobart-based service business.

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Why Rumors for Hobart SEO Services?

A Hobart SEO firm, Rumors leverages years of experience, performance data, and competitive research to develop SEO strategies that maximize growth. Our search engine optimization experience has helped us develop organic traffic, leads, and sales for businesses for a long time.

Our Hobart SEO experts know what it takes to drive relevant, revenue-generating traffic to your site. Unlike other ‘growth hacker’ SEO agencies, we’re not into quick wins. You can be sure that when you hire us, we are confident that we can help you grow.

We drive highly-motivated leads to your Hobart business with proven SEO techniques.

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In-depth Audit

The first step of every SEO campaign is a thorough review of your website. We assess your site's strengths and weaknesses by analyzing current content, identifying gaps, and creating flexible site architecture.

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Keyword Research

Performing keyword research on Google provides valuable insight into what queries your target audience is actually typing into the search engine. Our team will help you identify the local keywords that are most important to your business by analysing your website data and keyword research tool. We take the ROI into account when selecting the local keywords.

NAP Icon

NAP Consistency

Local SEO considers citations a ranking factor. Google becomes more confident that your business exists when it sees your business listed in trusted directories. They're important for developing a reputable brand and for making your business more accessible to customers. Google won't have confusion about your name, address, or phone number because we'll make sure all of these are consistent.

Location Pages in SEO

Location Pages

Location pages are pages designed with the focus of targeting a specific keyword in a particular location. Using them can help you rank higher for location searches for your business outside of your physical presence. By creating location-specific webpages on your website that resonate strongly with local audiences, we will increase your conversion rates.

Local Link building Icon

Localised Backlinks

Getting links, brand mentions, and references from other niche specific and local businesses is what local link building is all about. By creating high authority local SEO backlinks, we will increase the authority of your website and location pages. Using white hat link building, we'll build your site's authority and increase rankings by auditing your existing link profile and disavowing toxic links.

Reviews & Reputation

It is true that reviews from any platform especially Google reviews can improve search rankings and overall SEO efforts. Search rankings are influenced by a variety of factors, but customer reviews can be a signal of trustworthiness and authority that search engines rely on. You'll learn ways to grow and manage your local reputation through regular 5* reviews with us.

Google My Business Icon

Google My Business

Google My Business makes sure customers know everything they need to know. If you're local, Google uses your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Having your profile set up perfectly and optimized is therefore crucial. The result is a higher search ranking, business listing on Google maps, and an improved business listing.

Targeted Content Icon

GEO Targeted Content

Having a good understanding of your competition and knowing your target keywords is the first step. Our geo-targeted content and landing pages will make your business stand out in your local area.

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Social Media​

Social media interactions (e.g. likes, shares, comments) don't affect Google's ranking of web pages, but they can boost prominence for local businesses. Your social media content is more likely to be shared when people talk about you online. You can count on us to set up your social media pages and providing the best SMM services.

SEO Tools We Use

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How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our Hobart SEO Services


What local SEO is all about is getting your business recognized as an important local landmark in front of anyone searching for something in Hobart similar on Google. For anything to be famous among the locals it needs to be the talk of the town. For local SEO this means your business being mentioned in qualified local discussions related to your niche.


Making your business the talk of the town is done through making business profiles in every credible listing opportunity for your business.

Creating these listings not only ranks you in Google local search results but also gives you extra exposure from the listings directly.


We have helped hundreds of local restaurants, Real Estate agents, tradies and more local service providers get more leads they could handle using our Hobart SEO services.

Want to know how you can increase traffic to your brick & mortar store or get more online bookings, jump on a quick call & get a personalized strategy to make your business appear in every search result within your vicinity.

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Saif DarSaif Dar
12:58 14 Feb 22
The most Professional marketing agency I've ever experienced , Excellent customer support.
Hassan AhmedHassan Ahmed
08:42 14 Feb 22
Exceptional service, i’ll be definitely looking forward to work with rumours again.
Muhammad Bilal ArshadMuhammad Bilal Arshad
06:28 14 Feb 22
Syed NazzarSyed Nazzar
05:45 14 Feb 22
A perfect marketing platform. Keep it up guys👍
Hamza RiazHamza Riaz
05:33 14 Feb 22
One of the most professional company I have worked with. Their legit and result oriented marketing strategies indeed help businesses to grow digitally.
Ali ShujaatAli Shujaat
06:04 24 Jan 22
A relief after encountering many many agencies that felt like they were running a scam rather than a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business owners in Hobart use SEO Hobart to identify search engine optimization companies that can help them with their online presence. In the most recent data, 480 web users and businesses search for this term every month. There were additional 170 searches for ‘SEO Company Hobart’ and 110 searches for ‘SEO Services Hobart’.

As an SEO agency, Rumors identified that this keyword is significant to be ranked for in order to target companies in Tasmania that are searching for search engine optimization services. To learn how your prospective customers are finding your goods and services on the internet, we use the same tools, data, and insights. We can then tailor a SEO strategy that will attract the right leads to your website once we understand the types of search terms that will drive your business goals.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should invest in SEO? And if so, why should you choose an SEO agency? What are the benefits of SEO?

Google is used by over majority of Hobart residents to find products or services. Your business can gain a lot of value by appearing in the search results using SEO.

By using SEO properly, you can rank well for highly valuable commercial terms and get visitors to your site without spending money on Google AdWords every time a person clicks on your ad. An SEO campaign of top quality would bring you many leads and inquiries.

Absolutely not!

When it comes to SEO in Hobart, we do not automatically send out a prewritten SEO proposal to all businesses in Hobart that enquire about it. We feel there should be a higher standard for assessing the SEO potential of a business when it comes to the industry.

When we begin working with a new client, we have one simple litmus test. Are we confident we can increase your search engine optimization? If yes, we will create a customized SEO campaign tailored to your needs. If not, we’ll help you find an appropriate solution.

You can reach Rumors directly to speak directly with a local SEO expert who understands how the process works and what it takes to help your business succeed.

Definitely. An effective SEO campaign will generate quality, relevant leads for your business.

SEO is a form of inbound marketing that makes your brand accessible when customers aren’t interested in your products or services, unlike traditional advertising models that target customers even if they don’t want it.

The focus of SEO is on the customer. By ranking high in organic search engine results, you’re not making cold calls, sending out spam emails, or interrupting potential customers with annoying pop-up ads.

Consumers prefer SEO methods over other forms of digital marketing because SEO is convenient and less intrusive. Your business will be put in front of your potential customers at exactly the right time when we learn what they are searching for.

Our goal is to get your business on page one of Google so that more potential customers can find you, generate qualified leads, and increase revenue for your Hobart Tasmania-based business.

It’s likely you found this page while searching for “SEO Hobart” or “SEO company Hobart”. The reason you found this page is because our strategy for our own website matches the one we use for yours. It is very hard to rank for any of these keywords in Australia. Think of what our online marketing can do for you if we can rank for a keyword this challenging. 😉


Understanding that search engine optimization is constantly evolving and changing is key to understanding search engine optimization. Over half a dozen major changes were made to the search engine algorithms in 2021.

As a devoted SEO company, we assess and understand these changes. SEO doesn’t have any rules like paid advertising. To keep your business on top of your industry, we interpret and understand major search engine updates. We are always running tests to see what updating means for you, whether it’s to tweak your content marketing strategy or to update how we bring off-site changes into play.

Business success is based on understanding that results aren’t permanent and that change is imminent. It would be perfect if our SEO solution could produce results without updating for years at a time. However, search engine optimization (SEO) demands constant work, attention, and care from you.

Every year we see a bunch of articles claiming SEO is no longer effective from across the digital marketing universe. But this is not the case. Several years ago, blackhat SEO tactics were used by Hobart SEO companies. However, these are no longer effective.

It’s less easy to ‘cheat the system’ with short-sighted tactics thanks to Google updates such as Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, and the Google Link Spam Update – which we find extremely helpful. So you don’t have to worry about shady businesses showing up in the SEO results anymore. Businesses with an established presence on the web and real trust with users get results pages.

SEO is more complex than it has ever been – and it will continue to get even more complicated. The tactics that are effective now are completely different to the short sighted tactics that were effective five or six years ago. Our specialists are committed to delivering long term strategies that enhance your business now, next year, and for years to come.

SEO agency pricing varies greatly depending on the competition within your industry and the SEO agency you work with. Rates can vary by as much as $1,500 per month to $5,000 per month or more.

It’s a puzzle that no one can solve perfectly. There are no one-size-fits-all prices for SEO Hobart campaigns, and not all SEO firms will be able to deliver the same level of service and results. Get a free consultation with a member of our team by filling-out a discovery form below. You will receive a cost estimate based on your niche and desired results.


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