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30+ Magento stores taken from 0 to 50k+ in quality organic traffic by our Magento SEO experts.

We use a diverse inbound traffic source strategy to drive traffic & sales on your Magento website. Organic sources include product review blogs, referral links, & social media.

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In order to succeed in Magento SEO, here are 9 things we consider absolutely vital.

Search Intent

Driving traffic to an e-commerce store without considering search intent is absolutely useless. Our research phase makes sure before we set out on attracting large volumes of traffic to your store, we know what type of traffic is valuable to your business to focus on that market share only.

Competitor Review

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, the first thing we do for Magento SEO service clients is taking a deep dive in to what is bringing the best results for their competitors & how to quickly tap in to that market share.

Keyword strategy

In Magento SEO it is key to cover top, middle, & bottom of the funnel audiences to increase market share across different buyer phases in organic traffic. We will develop a keyword strategy that educates your top & middle of the funnel visitors and converts the bottom funnel ones by landing them on the right pages.

Content Strategy & Blog

Content that makes your category page copy or pillar & topic clusters can both attract and convert visitors. A full customer journey strategy for your Shopify store will be developed. Not every visitor buys immediately. Most need more reason, more relatability, more realization. Blogs that touch all those points are the secret sauce to converting those visitors searching with a hint of skepticism.

Site Architecture & Schema Markup

Magento is a powerful and sensitive CMS platform due to its open-source nature, requiring a focused site architecture that answers the searcher's query. Give our experts a PC they’ve worked on before and they’ll do it blindfolded for you. Moreover, schema markup lets your Magento store cover more room in Google's search results. Your organic search results where you show up can be boosted by adding ratings, pricing, and callouts.

Link Building & Internal Linking

Our eCommerce link building services are among the top ones offered in Australia in terms of relevancy, reliability and yielding better ROI. Moreover, when it comes to Internal linking, it has a massive impact on any type of SEO, in eCommerce plays a big role in increasing ROI as well. This is done by linking suitable products & categories on each webpage to attract users to other products or categories that align with their interest based on the pages they are on.

Meta Data

Focusing on page titles, product descriptions, meta descriptions, & more is what will get your products ranked on organic search results. Ensuring correct meta data improves both user experience and favourability from Google’s crawlers due to easier navigation.

XML Sitemaps

Throwing all page URLs into a single sitemap is one of the worst things you could be doing with your Shopify store. What we do is break up your sitemaps to ensure better control over what Google crawls, and when.

Website Speed

Speed optimization for an eCommerce website is key in both SEO & UX. For an open source platform like Magento this process could disturb a lot of your apps and plugins and do more damage than good if not done properly. Thanks to our in-house team of developers, nothing is ever out of control in our Magento SEO service department.

How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our Magento SEO Services


Researching for all the terms and keywords that indicate intent to buy, research, or compare products from your niche are what we find first. Making sure we cover top, middle, & bottom of the funnel audiences to increase market share across a diverse range of search queries that grow your business.


Backlinking to quality websites that have the highest authority in your niche is the way to go when trying to rank a Magento eCommerce store. Diversifying sources from product related reviews, to blogs, to social media and everything in between is how we flood your store with quality traffic that has intent to buy.


Our complete Magento SEO services implemented on a store make it a nurturing & converting machine that executes like clockwork 24/7. We have helped over 30 Magento stores achieve the results we claim & we’re ready for another one. Hop on a discovery call to get a custom SEO solution for your Magento Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento has many SEO friendly features & resources to ensure your eCommerce store ranks in organic search results. Also Magento doesn’t sacrifice elements that are key for SEO like UX or independent product links, titles, H1s & URLs.

While SEO is always a continued service as you never achieve maximum growth limit meaning you could always improve. But if you haven’t noticed any significant results within 90-days chances are you’re working with the wrong people.

The platform is best for large-scale business as it is able to handle large number of requests making it the perfect fit.

WordPress is more user friendly and easier to manage changes in. Magento is more complex than WordPress but also very powerful which is why many eCommerce businesses choose the platform.


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