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"Over $1Million in sales from organic traffic sources generated for our Shopify SEO service clients in 2021."

Shopify SEO is simply the combination of SEO expertise with understanding of how people who are ready buy search for what they want to buy on Google. This simple combination can take years to perfect though, lucky for you we’ve already spent those years.

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In order to succeed in Shopify SEO, here are 9 things we consider absolutely vital.

Search Intent

We know what type of traffic is most likely to convert on an ecommerce Shopify store for any niche. The keywords and traffic sources we target for your Shopify Store ensure the highest quality traffic for your ecommerce business.

Competitor Analysis

Before we start having fun with quality traffic we need to know where the party is at. For this we take apart your competitor’s strategy to see the keywords they are targeting and what results those keywords are bringing.

Technical SEO

This is the part where we take a deep dive in to your Shopify Store’s setup to analyze what’s stopping your products from ranking on Google’s first page without advertising. From issues in XML site maps to simply product description issues, we handle it all pretty well.

Keyword Strategy

Only targeting for bottom of the funnel keywords is not a smart thing to do when there is a sea of easier to gain traffic that also shows interest in your products. A balanced keyword strategy that covers top, middle, & bottom of the funnel audiences to increase market share across a diverse range of search queries is the way to go for any decent Shopify SEO service.

Site Architecture & Schema Markup

Next up, your website architecture. Making use of logical site structures that lead to landing pages that are aligned with searchers' intent will drastically increase conversions and reduce bounce rate. Along with that, using Schema markup can help you increase your SERP visibility by including reviews, photos & pricing right on the SERPs.

Link Building

We offer some of the best Shopify SEO link building services in Australia. So much so that we even supply other Shopify SEO agencies with backlinks too.

Meta Tags

Page titles, meta descriptions, focus keywords and more. Optimizing your meta data means a better user experience & positive responses from Google’s Rank Brain as this makes understanding webpages and content easier for Google’s crawlers.

XML Sitemaps

Throwing all page URLs into a single sitemap is one of the worst things you could be doing with your Shopify store. What we do is break up your sitemaps to ensure better control over what Google crawls, and when.

Content Strategy & Blog

Content that makes your category page copy or pillar & topic clusters can both attract and convert visitors. A full customer journey strategy for your Shopify store will be developed. Not every visitor buys immediately. Most need more reason, more relatability, more realization. Blogs that touch all those points are the secret sauce to converting those visitors searching with a hint of skepticism.

How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our Shopify SEO Services


A business services WordPress website can be a fly trap for visitors given that the visitors you attract are the visitors that are likely to convert. This is done by strategizing your inbound traffic sources to be diverse and be visible to users at different stages of the buyer funnel.

This ensures that the user that is searching the web to learn about the services you provide is learning from you. The ones looking for different providers come across you. And those ready to take action find their way to your website as well.


Attracting the right users in huge volume on a WordPress website is no noob's task. This is because the inital audience's response gives the signal to Google on how useful the website is for visitors. Meaning we can never risk easy to get traffic which would stunt our growth in the long run.

Diversifying your inbound traffic using quality backlinks to drive traffic to all the right pages that furher lower visitors down the buyers funnel.


Our complete WordPress SEO services implemented on a website make it a lead generation machine that works like clock work. And that's not a claim we make ourself, rather our clients make for us.

We've helped nearly a hundred Australian businesses achieve what we have claimed, sure enough we're ready to do it for another one. Jump on a discovery call & get a tailored strategy for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify is great for SEO as the platform includes many SEO-friendly features. As a CMS there are some small issues that may arise when performing SEO operations on the store, but nothing that would hinder performance of a pro.

Product tags do impact SEO results, no matter how small that impact may be. It is definitely not something to be overlooked as tags impact user experience.

There’s no upper limit to Shopify SEO cost however any agency offering you service for less than a $1000 is a waste of time and money as that is nearly the minimum amount we spend to source quality backlinks for our smallest clients.

Yes & Yes. If you’re driving quality traffic that shows intent to buy products from your niche and you channel large volumes of that traffic to your store, you definitely make sales.
(One client of ours is selling chic furniture on Shopify making $800,000 yearly sales without ever having spent a dollar on paid traffic)


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