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The more visibility you have, the better for you as a Wix user. Using our service, you can accomplish that. All ranking factors are taken into account when optimizing your site.

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In order to succeed in Wix SEO, here are 9 things we consider absolutely vital.

Search Intent

Search intent is the first thing to consider when strategizing for SEO. Large volume of traffic on a Wix business service website that does not fill in lead forms is a waste of time, money, & effort.

Competitor Analysis

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, the first thing we do for Wix SEO service clients is taking a deep dive in to what is bringing the best results for their competitors & how to quickly tap in to that market share.

Technical SEO & Site Performance

Our analysis looks into what's preventing your website from ranking on Google's first page. Many factors contribute to the slow loading of service websites. With the goal of optimizing Wix website performance, our experts use all technical tricks to increase website speed.

Keyword Research

Targeting keywords for your Wix business service website that cover top, middle, & bottom of the funnel audiences for the services you provide. This ensures that while you get the audience that is ready to convert, you don’t miss out on the ones that are still researching and are likely to convert later.

Site Architecture

Setting up the site architecture that is logical, focused, & provides dedicated pages that meet the searcher’s query is essential to improve both user experience through easier navigation as well as Google’s crawlers for the same reason.

Link Building

Building a diverse portfolio of strong and authoritative backlinks from your niche are the backbone of Wix SEO. Our Link Building services guarantee relevancy, reliability, & high ROI.

Meta Tags

Page titles, meta descriptions, focus keywords and more. Optimizing your meta data means a better user experience & positive responses from Google’s Rank Brain as this makes understanding webpages and content easier for Google’s crawlers.

Mobile optimization

Making a business service website mobile friendly is the best thing you could do. A Wix website that is optimized for use on mobile is key in optimizing for both Search Engines and User Experience. A website that is optimized for mobile has lower bounce rates, more time spent on website & subsequently better rankings on Google.

Content Strategy & Blog

Content that makes your category page copy or pillar & topic clusters can both attract and convert visitors. A full customer journey strategy for your Shopify store will be developed. Not every visitor buys immediately. Most need more reason, more relatability, more realization. Blogs that touch all those points are the secret sauce to converting those visitors searching with a hint of skepticism.

How We Do It

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Our Wix SEO Services


A business services Wix website can be a fly trap for visitors given that the visitors you attract are the visitors that are likely to convert. This is done by strategizing your inbound traffic sources to be diverse and be visible to users at different stages of the buyer funnel.

This ensures that the user that is searching the web to learn about the services you provide is learning from you. The ones looking for different providers come across you. And those ready to take action find their way to your website as well.


Attracting the right users in huge volume on a Wix website is no noob's task. This is because the initial audience's response gives the signal to Google on how useful the website is for visitors. Meaning we can never risk easy to get traffic which would stunt our growth in the long run.

Diversifying your inbound traffic using quality backlinks to drive traffic to all the right pages that further lower visitors down the buyers funnel.


Our complete Wix SEO services implemented on a website make it a lead generation machine that works like clock work. And that's not a claim we make ourself, rather our clients make for us.

We've helped nearly a hundred Australian businesses on Wix CMS achieve what we have claimed, sure enough we're ready to do it for another one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s true! The SEO tools provided by Wix will help you rank well in search engine results. Our extensive testing of Wix’s SEO offerings has shown that it performs well – both in public SEO battles and in our experience with regular Wix users.

If your SEO requirements are quite basic and minimal, and you care about an easy-to-use CMS, then Wix is probably fine. After all, our data shows that Wix sites don’t have a hard time ranking on Google.

Rumors is the best Wix SEO Agency in Sydney because of the diverse portfolio of clients we have served. From local services Wix website clients like tradies & bookkeepers to international ones like crypto currency trading platforms & digital tools, we have produced results for them all. What makes you think we can’t handle your business, call now to let us know.


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