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"We’ve helped nearly 100 Australian businesses bombard their WordPress business websites with quality traffic that converts."

Platform specific techniques learnt from years of practicing WordPress SEO have allowed us to rightfully claim the title of WordPress SEO experts for ourselves.

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In order to succeed in WordPress SEO, here are 9 things we consider absolutely vital.

Search Intent

We know what type of traffic is most likely to convert on a WordPress website for a given business or service. The keywords and traffic sources we target for your website ensure that the highest quality traffic for your business.

Competitor Analysis

Before we start having fun with quality traffic we need to know where the party is at. For this we take apart your competitor’s strategy to see the keywords they are targeting and what results those keywords are bringing.

Technical SEO

Using only high intent keywords is not sufficient for a long term SEO strategy. A diverse yet balanced keyword strategy ensures that your website's organic traffic is finding you at each step of their customer journey i.e Awareness, Consideration, Desire, & Action.

Keyword Strategy

With quality SEO services, consistent keyword research is one of the most important deliverables. We’ll find different perspectives of your audience & what they search for where you can help.

On Page SEO

This is how you explain to Google what your website is about and if done right, also gives an idea to Google how important & useful your website is for users searching keywords related to your business. You need to make content that is attractive to both website visitors & Google bots. Can be a bit tricky sometimes, but we handle it pretty well. According to our previous results at least.

Link Building

Our experts have been link building for WordPress websites in Australia for well over a decade now. We have produced wild results with our Link Building strategies for nearly 100 business services WordPress websites.

Local SEO & Schema Markup

Help the search engine give informative results with Schema markup for local users that make you stand out in the search results with our Local SEO services.

Internal Links

Internal links have a massive impact on SEO. This directly correlates with SEO and user experience as well. Every page on your website is structured with intuitive internal links that help Google and your visitors digest your content.

Website Speed

Optimizing a WordPress website for lightening fast speed is a task our experts could do blindfolded. From optimizing the page content and media to using advance features such as CDN & dedicated hosting, we've got a thousand tricks up our sleeves.

How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our WordPress SEO Services


A business services WordPress website can be a fly trap for visitors given that the visitors you attract are the visitors that are likely to convert. This is done by strategizing your inbound traffic sources to be diverse and be visible to users at different stages of the buyer funnel.

This ensures that the user that is searching the web to learn about the services you provide is learning from you. The ones looking for different providers come across you. And those ready to take action find their way to your website as well.


Attracting the right users in huge volume on a WordPress website is no noob's task. This is because the inital audience's response gives the signal to Google on how useful the website is for visitors. Meaning we can never risk easy to get traffic which would stunt our growth in the long run.

Diversifying your inbound traffic using quality backlinks to drive traffic to all the right pages that furher lower visitors down the buyers funnel.


Our complete WordPress SEO services implemented on a website make it a lead generation machine that works like clock work. And that's not a claim we make ourself, rather our clients make for us.

We've helped nearly a hundred Australian businesses achieve what we have claimed, sure enough we're ready to do it for another one. Jump on a discovery call & get a tailored strategy for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress SEO is a systematic approach to improving your WordPress website’s rankings in Google search Results. Our WordPress SEO services differ from the rest of our SEO services mainly in 2 ways.

Technical & On-Page:
This is where the platform specific techniques come in to play. Knowing in depth of how WordPress works, allows us to setup your On-Page to have exactly what Google Bots are looking for on your website.

Off-Page Strategy
This is where the years of experience and observing results gives us the edge. We know what type of traffic is most likely to convert on a WordPress website for a given business or service. The keywords and sources we target for your website ensure that the highest quality traffic for your website.

There is no platform that performs better than WordPress does for SEO. WordPress allows the flexibility required to keep a website up to date with Google’s updates with ease. A WordPress SEO agency like ours that has experts who understand WordPress inside out ensures our SEO team can jump on any Google update as soon as it is released.

Rumors is the best WordPress SEO Agency in Sydney because of the diverse portfolio of clients we have served. From local services WordPress website clients like tradies & bookkeepers to international ones like crypto currency trading platforms & digital tools, we have produced results for them all. What makes you think we can’t handle your business, call now to let us know.

It’s who actually hosts your website that makes a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.org offers self-hosting (that’s what we recommend). Conversely, with WordPress.com, they handle all of this for you (easier to start, but less freedom).


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