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"Over 3.9 billion people in the world use email every day for communicating, and no other platform has as many active users."

Even with the growing popularity of mobile messengers and chat applications, nearly 61 percent of consumers prefer to use email to facilitate brand interactions – this preference is universal among adults of all genders and ages.

As email usage spreads worldwide, the importance of marketing through email has increased.

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“Not spam, not mass, not shameful” -Seth Godin

Email is going in a lead’s personal space with your marketing message. You need to think on that before sending the same email to a list of 500 people who bought from you last year. Your email should be intriguing to open, personal in tone, & actually valuable to the recipient.

Having a hard time understanding why email marketing makes sense for brand growth? Read on for more reasons email marketing is indispensable for brand growth:


Setting up your email list and & integrating your CRM system is a task that should be taken care of from the day you start collecting emails.


Email campaigns have the highest ROI out of all digital marketing channels. You can educate, create interest, and sell all within the recipient’s inbox if you choose the right messages at the right times.

Automated sequences

Automating your email sequences makes lead nurturing an automatic process. Setup touch points to initiate email sequences and slowly drip the next most valuable email you can send consistently, not constantly. This will nurture your leads for you, creating a backup of ready leads waiting to be sold.


This is where most advertisement campaigns become insanely profitable. Having automated email sequences for your ad campaigns sends out strategized offers to all visitors who didn’t convert to remarket to them without the cost. Email is also a key player in the field of upselling services or products to existing customers.

List management

Have your list managed and segmented in to different sections. This allows you to target each segment individually which results in more personal & relatable messages. You can choose which segment f your list will value most from an offer or message and avoid spamming others for a great client experience & also lower unsubscribe rates.


When the subject becomes a hook and the body becomes content, your email becomes a marketing message. A hook that’s impossible to ignore followed by engaging content in the email body that leads to an action that is easy to complete is how we define the perfect.

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Your Email strategy can either support your existing campaigns or used as an independent channel, or both. Depending on your business, email can be used to warm up leads, nurture them, convert them all in one place.

Having content pieces that can further influence your prospects is an essential part of your email strategy.


Feeding content that continues the story from the last touch point with your prospect is key in taking them further down the funnel.

Educate, entice, & convert prospects with content that targets pain points of your prospects. A slow email campaign develops trust & reduces risks of user fatigue.


Our Email campaigns are an essential part of our digital marketing campaigns that accentuate all other services to enhance their results. May it be social media ads, PPC ads, SEO, or organic social media leads, we incorporate email to get the highest returns for the lowest cost to increase campaign ROI.

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Your business can use email marketing to reach a broader audience, develop relationships with customers, and drive sales.

Offering a downloadable asset, hosting a giveaway, or providing an email course is just a few ways you can promote your content.

Sending emails based on actions, such as when subscribers add items to their shopping carts and when they download assets, is possible through email automation.

Depending on your list, timing can also differ greatly. To find out what works best for your subscribers, we recommend experimenting. Using Google Analytics, you can find out what time of day your subscribers are most active and send them an email then.


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