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Creating eye-catching and effective designs is what we do.

With our solutions, we help clients succeed in creating brand identities, logos, product design, and marketing materials that will effectively convey the brand message, look great visually, and help them reach their marketing goals.

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"Creating designs that invoke the right emotions to associate with your brand are key to performance in the digital space"

Our designers do just as much research as our marketers to understand your audience, industry, & your uniqueness to create visuals that speak to viewers before words.

Following are the visual assets our designers love creating:

Logo Design

As a graphic design agency, we provide innovative, unique logos that tell your audience what you do and step up your brand image.

Flyers & Brochures

We design digital and printed flyer, leaflet and brochure designs to inform and attract potential customers. Let us design a flyer for your business today.

Labels & Packaging

The label & packaging design of a product can make or break the sale. Our goal is to make sure your product is seen as a premium product from a premium organization.

Web Design

Whenever you are designing & developing websites, you want a combination of great usability, utility, and graphics. At Rumors, we take care of all your website design needs.

Apps Design

The experts at Rumor know what Mobile App Design is all about. Our unforgetable app icon designs and in-app graphics will make sure your apps are noticed.

Print Media

For print media, we have a high demand for graphic design services. Print media includes graphic design services such as stationery designs, packaging designs, event printing, brochures, booklets, and more.

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Our Graphic Designing Services


Visuals are the first noticable thing about your brand. Good design in multi dimensional in the sense that it has to look amazing as well as feel amazing. The feel part of design is something that most agencies will overlook. Creating design that speaks the content before the actual content is key to conveying your brand message.

Having content pieces that can further influence your prospects is an essential part of your email strategy.


Designing visual assets that speak to your audience is a matter of researching audience, industry, & your brand to create a cohesive design language on which all future assets should be based. Our designers understand design as a medium to convey brand messages and produce designs that do just that.


To see what we've done for our clients, visit our portfolio section. Everything you see there was made in-house, by our designers.

If you have a branding or design need, jump on a discovery call & we'll discuss a solution for free.

Based on experience and specialty, graphic design rates vary by hour. The hourly rate for more experienced graphic designers is normally between $65 and $150. Alternatively, entry-level freelance designers charge between $25 and $50 an hour.

It is a trademark, not a copyright, that protects logos. Replicating a trademarked logo can result in legal action if the trademark owner decides to do so. Logos that are not trademarked are still protected by law.

Graphic designers are expected to see their employment grow at a slower rate than other occupations, 3 percent from 2020 to 2030. The average number of graphic designer jobs is projected to rise to 23,900 in the next ten years despite limited employment growth.


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