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Everyone on the internet hates ads except the ones they take action with. What if we shared the secret to making every ad actionable?

Everyone on the internet hates ads except the ones they take action with. What if we shared the secret to making every ad actionable?

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“Growing organically on social media might sound like a missed opportunity of the past”

Due to the increased difficulty in organic growth and reach on these platforms, organic growth might sound a little demoralizing if you don’t understand the reason behind this. The reason behind this is promotion of the 3 key points “Content Quality”, “Publishing Consistency”, & “Time Spent On Platform”.

Therefore, to grow organically on social media in today’s day and age requires a strategy that covers all points in order of importance.

B2B Ads

We don't try to sell in our B2B ads. Yes, you read that right. On social media, business owners are not in the market for business solutions. But if you can foster a sense of curiosity with a message that speaks personally to them, you stand a good chance of getting cheap quality traffic that you can convert into a now much more interested prospect who has dedicated time to reading about you.

B2C Ads

If you provide services directly to clients, so do 1000 others in your area with all trying to win clients from social media. The secret to getting an unfair market share is in depth research of what your clients love and hate about service providers like you. Playing around with those points along with some additional tricks up our sleeves will get you conversion rates that you have never imagined.

eCommerce Ads

When it comes to selling products online, killer offers, killer images, and some additional eCommerce specific magic tricks are the way to go for our eCommerce ad experts. Finding the right audiences and testing them all is a key step to ensure you get the maximum market share by getting more expensive but higher checkout value visitors along with the more easier and cheaper targets.

Landing Page Optimization

The main results of ads are not produced on the advertising platform at all. Your offer page or landing page is what actually sells what you’re selling. The ad’s duty is to attract the viewer to your offer and have them click through with the right expectations. Making your landing page a converting machine requires serious attention to detail which has become a passive habit of our media buyers.


This is where you make back the money you lost, & then some. These prospects are highly likely to buy from you but require extra nudge, more reason to buy, or maybe just a discount before they buy from you. Retargeting users segregated on the basis of what pages they visited on your website or how long they watched the video for before clicking through to your ad can allow you to customize messages for each group individually giving you crazy numbers in the retargeting campaign.

Lead generation

At our agency, we don’t measure success of a lead generation campaign solely with the number of leads. No, we measure it by lead quality, conversion rate, & number of leads. The thing that matters the most to our clients are the end results, and the end results are what we optimize for. Lead quality is improved by guiding prospects through your nurturing funnel & touch points. We count leads at the phase where the graph line of both quality & volume is at its peak.

How We Do It

Breakdown Of
Our Media Buying Services


We start our ads at the drawing board, literally drawing your ideal buyer. Filling their personality with traits associated with them by tracing the pain that your business solves for them, what sources are there that cater to those pains elsewhere, what kind of people of people are found at those sources (sources can be influencers, websites, online tools, etc.).

Knowing who to advertise to is not the only task, the advertising message is what drives users to take the desired action. Your advertising message, crafted with your ideal buyer persona in mind, grabs your perfect buyer persona by the throat and makes fingers itch to click through


The creatives we make are made considering every tiny piece of data we find through audience research. Using creatives that stop the mindless social media scroll, copy that engages them, & headlines that make fingers itch to click through is how you take a regular person on social media and make them a website visitor.

Research can only get you so close to your buyers actual thought process. Testing is where you bombard the audience segments with your advertising message from different angles both visually & in text to see what resonates with them & brings the highest results for the lowest cost, before going all in, scaling those winners


We have ran campaigns with sustainable ROAS of +30x. From non-profits to corporate leads, we’ve changed expectations from media buying for our clients. Having engaged in such diverse campaigns has allowed us to become virtually ready for any campaign you throw at us. We know the drill.

If your ideal buyer persona lives on earth and has an internet connection, jump on a discovery call to get a strategy that will suck them in to the advertising funnel we create for you. But if that’s not the case, click here.

The platform you choose to buy ads from.

The people you want to show your ads to.

The ad images and videos that you wish to show your audience.

The text written on your ads that gives details of your offer.

Comparing organic with paid media is like comparing salt and sugar. Both have their importance, Paid media helps bring in revenue in short term strategies but requires constant input however long term you plan. Organic on the other hand brings in no revenue in the beginning but as it gains traction, it gets good results with little input.

Depending on your current business situation we can suggest which suits your needs better.

Not a day, if you the budget to run ads you should go for it & learn about managing that growth as it comes.

At the very least we would suggest $500/month if you’re starting out yourself. If you want professionals to do it for you, very few agencies will work with less than a $1000 of monthly ad spend.


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