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“We have built more than a 100 profitable PPC campaigns from the ground up with up to 30X sustainable ROAS”

PPC is based on understanding keywords and search terms used and the user intent behind them. The more you understand what you’re selling & how users are searching for it on the internet, the finer your bid strategies that get you unfair amount of market share by diversifying your audiences to target them at all customer journey phases, for the amount you’re willing to pay.

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“Growing organically on social media might sound like a missed opportunity of the past”

Due to the increased difficulty in organic growth and reach on these platforms, organic growth might sound a little demoralizing if you don’t understand the reason behind this. The reason behind this is promotion of the 3 key points “Content Quality”, “Publishing Consistency”, & “Time Spent On Platform”.

Therefore, to grow organically on social media in today’s day and age requires a strategy that covers all points in order of importance.


The first step of any social media campaign needs to be identifying the target audience for your business. Figuring out their pain points that your business can solve and strategizing around those points is what your content strategy will revolve around.

Content Strategy

Quality content is what boosts growth, builds following, & drive action from the followers which is the main goal of any content strategy. Making content that converts viewers to followers and followers to buyers is a transaction of value. Your end of that transaction is the task of finding unique value your business can provide to its audience & sharing it in easy to consume formats.

Organic Growth

Organic growth is when your social media grows without paid audience and you can spread awareness, sell, or upsell your business on social media. Organic growth is achieved leveraging all the factors mentioned on this page

Community Building

This is the core of any social media strategy. Number of followers is what we call vanity metrics. It’s good for show but not crucial for results. Your business on Social Media is as strong as the community around it. You build a community around your brand on social media by helping and engaging with your followers to become a reliable source for the value you give to your audience.


Collaborating with other social media accounts that are related to your niche make you more visible to the target audience as well as the bigger players of your industry. Collaborations can be in the form of live, guest posting, and other collab features native to individual platforms.


The posts you make on any social media platform give you the highest reach to new audiences. Quality content spreads fast if you’re using the right tricks. The tricks being making content sharable & engaging.


This is the most important part of your social media strategy. This is because your stories are what show the personal side of your brand and gives a one-to-one feeling to your audience and give that feeling of community to each individual. This is where the most sales & up sells are made once you have a large enough audience.


Engaging with your followers is one of the key signals any social media platform considers for promoting your page organically. This shows that you have a genuine connection with the people in your niche. Engagement can be anything from liking posts to having actual conversations in comments or DMs.

Measurable results

Measuring what type of content produced what results across platforms is key for optimizing your social media content strategy. Different types of content will have different results like driving comments, shares, likes, follows, website visits, etc. This is what allows you to make decisions regarding your social media strategy based on actual data.

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After finding out the main goals your business wants to achieve with social media. This is where our content creators start researching your target audience to find the most attractive audience for your business on social media and observe their online behavior as to what type of content they interact with.

Next comes the content strategy which defines content pillars on which all your upcoming content is to be based upon. This helps with a consistent brand message which is crucial for any brand on social media.


Content creation is the most fun and creative part of a social media campaign. Working on defined campaigns makes it easy to push out quality content on the regular while also testing out new things.

From creating short and fun videos like TikToks or Instagram Reels for attracting new audiences to your social media pages to creating 10 slide educational carousels, different types of content acts as different sections of your content marketing funnel.


Organic social media is without a doubt the highest potential you can tap in to for your business online. Given that you follow a strategy that works towards set goals you want to achieve from Social media for your business.

Our social media strategies have allowed our clients to gain exposure to thousands of potential clients they would have paid to reach otherwise. And we’re ready to do it all again, for you. Jump on a discovery call for a Social Media strategy session to discuss what type of content will make fans for your business online.

Social Media Marketing uses social media and social media networs to promote a company’s services or products.

This is achieved by highlighting their culture, processes, & mission to influence people and position themselves as a credible source in their industry.

There are some Social Media platforms that any business can thrive on like Facebook or Instagram. Then there are some more niche platforms like Pinterest or Quora. A business should be present on all social media platforms that make sense for it, combining both niche specific & general platforms.

The answer is a definite yes. Depending on how strong of a community you build on Social Media and how good your offer is, you can make a good amount of sales from social media organically.


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