There is nothing traditional about our traditional marketing services.

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We Are Providing Traditional Marketing Services Since 2018 to present

Providing our clients smart solutions for advertising to masses without the biggest pain of traditional advertising, that is the cost. Our smart solutions have helped clients reach hundreds of thousands of people with less than half the estimated costs for advertising on that scale.


Our Services Include

Digital Billboards

A billboard is a powerful medium to spread your message, but when you consider the costs, it doesn't make sense. With our smart digital billboard solutions, you get to choose how many times your ad plays on screen. Pay for only the screen time you want at the most competitive rates you'll find.

Bus Advertising

Many bus advertising campaigns have gone viral over the years, proving it's effectiveness in advertising to local audiences. Run awareness campaigns for your business city wide with cost effective bus advertising in any city of Australia.

Wall Paintings & Posters

Wall posters & painting advertisements still rank high in the industry despite the emerging trend of innovative techniques. We at Rumors help you get your business featured on the wall to get noticed.

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