Why Digital Marketing Is Necessary To Take Your Restaurant Business To The Next Level.

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What You Need
Social Media Marketing
Professional Photography
Graphic Designing
Why You Need It
Ever had to unlock a confusing lock? Talk about frustration.
First, even though you own a local restaurant that’s anything but digital, your storefront is no longer the face of your company. When 88 percent of consumers go online to research products or services, they judge a business’s credibility based on their website above all else. If your website leaves something to be desired, odds are they’re going to bounce off your website to find one they like better

Your website needs to be professional, functional, and user-friendly. Potential customers need to be able to navigate your site intuitively to find things like menus, hours of operation, and your address.

Visualization is key in marketing.

Us humans are highly visual creatures. We look and we judge, no matter what it is we’re looking at, and we do it within 1-2 seconds. People anticipate the taste of your food on the basis of how well your furniture is arranged, how tidy the waiter is, how clean the floor is, etc.

Having professional looking photos of your food, staff and restaurant is key to influencing your facebook/Instagram page or website visitor. Hiring a professional photography team will make the food look more appetizing and your staff more professional. The visualization makes way into the emotional memory of consumers & helps positively influence their future decisions regarding your brand.

Graphic Design
A hidden gem isn’t a marketing strategy.Everything from your logo/website/posts to menu/flyers/business cards must follow a design that speaks well with your business. This represents the standard and discipline of your business to your visual consumers.

Your website’s design should represent your brand’s identity. A professional graphics designing team will make its effort to research your business & develop a matching design language that conveys the exact message that you want to deliver to your customers.

A professional and creative graphic design gives a potential customer an idea of what your company is about before even having any interaction with you or your business.

A hidden gem isn’t a marketing strategy.
What SEO does is that it ranks your website higher in search engine results. If a person searches for a chicken burger online, google doesn’t give results based on how good the burger tastes, it gives results on the basis of SEO quality of nearby restaurants serving chicken burgers.

SEO experts work to build authority for your website through various techniques that improve the ranking of your website in relevant search engine results. The quality of SEO determines if your Facebook/Instagram page or website is ranked on the 2nd page, 1st page, or the top 5 results. This directs traffic to your pages or websites.

A heavy traffic not only directs consumers towards you, but also other businesses that would want to connect with you, further increasing your website’s authority and subsequently your search engine result rankings.

Social Media Marketing
Ever seen a guy handing out flyers in a dark secluded alley? I wonder what that would look like.

Did you know more than 65% of Australian adults are using Facebook and Instagram. That means if you’re not effectively advertising on these platforms you’re missing out on 65% of your potential customers.

A Social media following not only increases sales but with it, it builds brand authority. Followers aren’t only customers but testimonials too. A person only follows a brand or business if its credible according to their standards. What would your thoughts be on a local restaurant with 27k followers?

Just like on a heavy traffic website, businesses and brands working in the same industry want to connect with anyone with a huge following. A food magazine will want to review your joint in their articles, a manufacturer will want you to endorse their product, the opportunities are literally limitless.

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